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Writing is a specialized field that requires skills, expertise, time, dedication, etc. As a business person, you might not have the time and skills to come up with compelling content. That’s where a ghostwriter comes in. Ghostwriters for hire will cost-effectively create compelling content. Therefore, hire the right ghostwriter. Use the following tips and tricks to hire the right ghostwriter.

Learn How To Write

Learn the art. Find out how ghostwriting is done. What does it take to write a book? If you want to find the best ghostwriter, try learning the process. Find out how to write compelling content and respond to comments.  As an author, you should be able to express yourself succinctly in writing. You should know the type of words to use.


How much are you willing to spend? Hiring a ghostwriter isn’t that cheap. If the ghostwriter is going to write an entire book for you, then expect to spend over $10,000. Experienced writers might even charge more than that. Remember, this doesn’t include the editorial and promotional costs.

Play An Active Role

Take part in the writing process. Don’t just sit back and wait for the ghostwriter to do everything on your behalf. Instead, get yourself involved in the writing process. Create an outline of your plan and what the final product would look like. Don’t expect the ghostwriter to do everything for you.


Do your research. Go online and search for other books similar to yours. Find out who your market is. What kind of messages does your target audience expect from you? Don’t just write anything. Instead, write clear and relevant content that’ll attract your target audience.

Create Timelines

When do you expect your ghostwriter to finish writing the book? In most cases, six months is a reasonable period. Think about your writing goals when setting the timeline. It’s always imperative to be crystal clear about deadlines before initiating the writing process.

Get Recommendations

Describe your project in detail. Try to get recommendations from people who’ve hired ghostwriters to handle similar projects. However, if you find it hard to get direct referrals, consider asking for writing samples and hiring the writer for a simple test project. If they manage to do it well, then go ahead and assign them the major task.

Perform due diligence and hire someone who can communicate flawlessly and deeply understands the message you want to share with your readers.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Editor

Working with the right editor means a lot. However, getting the best out of your editor will propel your book to success. Accept feedbacks. Liaise with him/her. Give suggestions. Use the following tips and tricks to get the most from your book editor.

Consider Editing Quickly

Don’t try editing extensively while still writing. It will stress you. Writing is a creative process. Don’t mix it with editing. Just put the ideas down. Plus, trying to edit extensively may end up delaying your book. It will take longer to get it published. Remember, you won’t earn money from the unpublished book. Keep things simple. Prioritize on draft first. Consider editing quickly.

Accept Deficiencies

You are not perfect. Accept the feedback from your editor. It’s good to strive for perfection. It is normal to try to eliminate all grammatical mistakes. It’s okay to strive to use the right words.

However, be ready to accept imperfections. You cannot be perfect. That’s why editors are there. They are rough. They can be very ruthless. Imperfections shouldn’t embarrass you. Making mistakes is normal.  Editors will give you unbiased feedback. They want the best for you. Just put your ideas down. Let the editor polish the book.

Fast First Revision

Don’t send your book to the editing desk without doing a quick revision. Read through to identify common mistakes. The first revision should be fast. Read rapidly. This stage is designed to help you establish whether the book is making any sense.

This step will help you get rid of confusing words. It will help you identify major issues. Doing this will streamline the editing process and make it even quicker. This step will solve issues such as plot holes, missing information, etc.

Read Loud

Read it aloud. Let the era process what the book is all about. You can also use a read-aloud tool. The eras will give you a clear picture of chapter structure, tone, etc. Put yourself in the mind of the reader.

How will the reader feel after reading your book? Does it should interesting? Will it help the reader? These questions are better answered after reading the book aloud. If you notice errors, circle them. Mark the areas. You will come back and correct them.

Be Open

Tell your editor what you need. Tell him/her about your target audience. Spell out the tone you intend to achieve. Give him/her samples you are looking up to. Set your target. Also, be open to suggestions from your editor.

Set clear timelines. Give suggestions. Let him/her understand your passion. Create a strong editor-writer relationship.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Ghostwriter

Make the right decision. Choose a ghostwriter who understands what he/she is doing. Conduct research first. Select a ghostwriter with enough experience. Don’t make the following mistakes when selecting your next ghostwriter.

  •  Selecting a writer instead of a ghostwriter—Ghostwriters are different from writers. Chose the right option
  •  Not conducting interviews—Conduct interviews to understand your ghostwriter.
  • Not setting deadlines—Deadlines help finish the work faster and more efficiently.  Set realistic deadlines.
  • Failing to check the ghostwriter’s published work
  •  Failing to request references—References will tell you more about that ghostwriter.
  •  Not requesting recommendations—Use recommendations to choose the right ghostwriter

The Bottom-Line

Don’t hire any ghostwriters. Choose an experienced ghostwriter. Select a ghostwriter who prioritizes quality. Go for a dedicated ghostwriter. Select a ghostwriter who has the passion and zeal to deliver impressive results. The above guide will help you select the right ghostwriter. 


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