How to Style your Punjabi Salwar Suit to Look Like a Model

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The Punjabi salwar kameez suit is one of the most fun-going and vibrant regional outfits. The colour combinations in a Punjabi salwar kameez suit look as sweet as the Punjabi language. The short length of a Punjabi salwar kameez suit differentiates it from the regular salwar suit.

The stylish salwar kameez has become a style icon for women of every age, be it your grandma or any other woman you come across. A salwar with a frock looks beautiful for every Indian girl irrespective of body type.

Everyone can wear the clothes or outfits they like. It is a dream of many ladies to look like a model in the outfit they adorn. Anyone can look like a model in a western outfit or normal pathani salwar kameez. It’s challenging to style your latest Punjabi suits and get a model-like look. 

Getting the design and style of your dream outfit was a task a few years back. Communicating the style and design of Indian wear outfits like salwar kameez to your local tailor and getting it stitched and designed as per your imagination was tedious. 

Thanks to the internet era that evolved to such an extent and brought websites like CloudTailor into existence. CloudTailor has ended the struggles of running to your local tailor now and then for little outfit confusions. 

You can now access the customised clothing services provided by your woman’s online tailor and get the outfit designed and styled as per your choice. You can quickly get your Punjabi salwar kameez in the design and style of your choice online as well.

It may look like a task to style the Punjabi salwar kameez suit for a model look. Still, it is not impossible to achieve the desired look if you keep in mind a few essential tips while styling any Punjabi-style salwar kameez.

Styling Tips for Punjabi Salwar Suit to get that Model Look

You can rock even the basic style outfits if carried in style. The style of any outfit can make or break the look. Traditional and ethnic outfits like salwar kameez, sarees, etc., may appear simple to style. Still, if you overlook small details, it can be your spoiler.

The styling of a Punjabi salwar suit to get that chic look is complex because of the colours available in the Punjabi salwar kameez and the salwar suit fabric chosen. Generally, women opt for bright and vibrant colours when they decide on the salwar kameez style in a Punjabi look. 

The commonly used fabrics in the Punjabi salwar kameez pattern are raw silk salwar suits, georgette material churidar designs, velvet, etc. Coming to salwar suit patterns, the famous salwar suit patterns available online and offline range from simple Punjabi suits to backless salwar suits. 

The preferred colour range comprises a combination of designs and colours such as red salwar suits, white Punjabi suits, gold salwar kameez, georgette churidar materials, etc. Take into account the following style tips. Then, you can achieve the desired model look in your favourite Punjabi salwar kameez suit, irrespective of your chosen pattern.

Colour Selection

You must have noticed bright colours everywhere in any Punjabi wedding you recall. 

But, you must have rarely seen anyone wearing the same colour salwar and kameez. It spoils the whole look and makes the super vibrant Punjabi salwar kameez suit dull. 

It is to wear a pair of contrasting colours such as a red silk kurta with a golden Patiala salwar. Combining any colourful kameez white churidar with a multicolour dupatta also adds to the glam of a model look. Embroidered dupattas with phulkari prints in fabrics like cotton, chiffon, or silk become the focus point when carried appropriately.

Playing with the Neckline

All models work hard to have that glamorous figure. They have beautiful collarbones and pull off any neckline. But, the magic of choosing the correct neckline for your Punjabi salwar suit look can make you look no less than a model.

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You can choose from many neckline styles, like V-neck, boat neck, square neck, or deep round neck. For acing your model-like look in a Punjabi salwar kameez, one trick is to go with heavy work on the neckline if the rest of the kameez is plain or simple. Zari, mirror, or stonework adds class to your look.

Choose wisely between a Punjabi Jutti and Heel

Your Punjabi salwar kameez suit look will be empty without the well embellished or embroidered style and stone studded colourful Punjabi jutti. But, the choice of well-complementing footwear depends on the length of your salwar. 

If you opt for a long Patiala, go for stone-studded heels to catch you from falling. But, if the length of your salwar is short, you can choose embroidered jutti to look rich like a model.

Accessorise as per the requirement

The Punjabi salwar kameez suit is generally a glittery and colourful outfit. So it becomes essential not to go wrong with the accessories you plan with your salwar suit. 

For example, if your neckline has heavy embroidered work, avoid wearing any neckpiece and opt for a beautiful earring instead. If your neckline does not have stone work or Kundan, you can accessorise your neck with a heavy neckpiece.

For hairstyle, paranda is a trademark, and your Punjabi model-like look in a salwar kameez suit will look surreal. For a handbag, you can take a potli-style bag with a mirror or embroidered work or opt for a clutch.
For nailing any traditional look, you should check the things mentioned above. Your Punjabi salwar kameez suit can make you look as glamorous as a model if you choose the latest fabric for ladies’ suits, colour, footwear, and accessory.

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