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All businesses seek to increase revenues, attract customers, ensure steady sales growth, and expand their brand presence. But to achieve those objectives, customer satisfaction is crucial. 

Customers will be satisfied when they have a positive experience with a company and its touchpoints (customer’s point of contact with a customer). One of these touchpoints is placing an order for a specific product they come across in a company through a form.

Order forms make the ordering process easier for the customer. They are also beneficial for a business and help understand the customer’s purchasing requirements, including the quantity, weight, price, etc.

But creating these forms is a mind-boggling task and highly daunting if you’ve never made one before. You must consider the design, layout, add-ons, features, colors, font, placement of CTA tags, and option to share these on social media. 

To make the process easier, consider hiring professional online form builders that offer ready-made templates with pre-designed formats. You can use these templates for various items and sub-items. 

Functions of order forms

Having an order form benefits the company and the customer because they serve a wide range of functions, including the ones mentioned below.

Receiving online orders

The most apparent function of online forms is to enable a company to sell products by weight, quantity, or related variations. You can add as many products as required in an online form. 

Customizing your form

Businesses can customize their forms to achieve the look they want according to their requirements. You can insert a logo or background image that suits your brand’s message. 

Another way you can change a form’s appearance is by choosing a layout, font style, and brand color. You could receive payments before customers complete their orders or send a personalized thank you message when they complete an order. 

Sharing it to collect responses

Besides your main website, your customers would be scattered all over social media, email, and Whatsapp. You can share your form’s link on these social media platforms, enabling users to place online orders.

By creating a custom link, users will find it easy to find your form’s link whenever they want to place their order. You could embed the document on your site, impressing your visitors with a branded form matching your theme. 

Enhancing the user experience

Your online ordering form should be user-friendly. Some ways of doing this are to have a product list on your homepage, enable easy search for products, and allow customers to add or reduce quantities or remove items from the shopping cart. 

Managing orders and tracking sales

You can streamline your order processing through a friendly dashboard with filters for choosing orders and printing pick-up lists. Forms enable you to get reports for sales and quantities of products sold in a specific time. 

It allows you to export data on items sold online to Google Sheets as soon as they are updated on the ordering form. 

Allowing email notifications 

Ordering forms let you send branded confirmation emails to your customers (emails containing information about an order with a company’s brand name). You remain updated on the orders by receiving constant notification emails.

Tips to make order forms

Your order form should be attractive, user-friendly, and informative. For example, if you’re selling groceries online, they should meet specific functional and technical requirements.

If you have a bakery business, your form should display the items with visually appealing images, include a section on custom cakes, enable customers to add a personalized message, and even upload designs of their choice.

Some technical features you should include are calculating the order amount, displaying the order summary, tracking and managing orders, sending order confirmation emails, and accepting card payments or having various payment options. 

How can online form builders help?

Online form builders help you create forms with the required technical and functional features. Most of all, they have a vast collection of templates for various purposes like restaurants, bakeries, groceries, and clothing that you can use to create a form. 

These companies also offer form-builders that work with Google Forms and Sheets. Templates make it much easier to calculate orders and ensure a remarkable user experience. 


Your order forms play a significant role in your business. They are a central touchpoint for your business, and the customer must have a positive experience using them. Every time users order something from your company’s form, they should enjoy the experience and prioritize your company over others in the same industry.


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