What Are the New Features Launched in Zoho 2022?

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Zoho mails are used by a large number of users and Zoho also, never disappoints its users. It keeps on coming up with new features for its users with each update to provide better facilities to its users. 

In this blog, we are going to look at the newly launched features by Zoho mail login for the users which they can access now and use. 

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New Features of Zoho for the Users –

Protecting Confidential Emails with Password

The users of Zoho now no longer need to feel insecure in sending their private and confidential documents over email. Zoho has made this process more secure by introducing secure pass email in Zoho mail, using these features users now send sensitive information they want via emails which now will be secured by a passcode. 

Managing Mailbox Settings in a New Way

After Zoho accounts login the users can now manage their inbox in a new way. The settings of Zoho mail have clad a new look which has made the interface of Zoho mail more interactive for the users. 

Folder Wise Filters

Using the new folder wise filter which has been introduced in Zoho mail has made it easy for the users to spot the files and documents quickly and easily. 

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Sharing Emails and Threads as Links

Now, with some clicks, the users can share an email or an email thread within or outside the organization for which the users just need to create a link for the email or the email thread. 

Webhooks for Mails and Tasks

Users can now set up outgoing webhooks for emails that match some of the email tags and also multiple task actions. 

 Getting a Single View of the Organization Report Summary

The dashboard of Zoho mail’s admin reports section now allows its users to have a summary view of the report of the organization so that it could be further used by them for references. 

Previewing Emails Templates Is Easier

The users no more need to move to the templates folder to see the preview of the templates as now they can simply click on the preview icon button which is there in the template listing to get the preview of the template. 

Replaying in Templates with Few Clicks

Users no more need to compose the same content to reply to emails instead they can create a template and then use that template to reply to all emails in just a few clicks. 

Support for POP and IMAP Accounts

The users can now add an email as a project’s task or an issue from any of their accounts of theirs on POP or IMAP. 

Marking Reports as Favorites in the Admin Console

Now, the users can mark reports as favorites in the admin console so that they can access them easily. The users can access it from my favorite reports section without going through all the sections. 

New Experience with a New Theme

Zoho mail has introduced a new theme to make the experience more stylish for them. The new theme is also accompanied by new features and enhancements for Zoho mail. 

Snoozing of Emails for Specific Folders

Folder specific snoozing of emails is one of the best features Zoho login has introduced for its users. Users can now select whether they want all the emails to snooze or some specific emails. 

Customizing the Columns in the Users and Groups Section

The users can now choose the columns they need to be displayed in the users and sections groups of the admin console and the users can select and deselect the columns anytime they want to. 


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