The Ultimate Checklist to Start A Cell Phone Repair Business

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The most common device that breaks or has faults is a cell phone. From hardware problems to software malfunctions, people face cell phone issues all the time. That’s why the mobile repair business is considered the most profitable in the repair industry. But with its popularity comes difficulty because the mobile repair market is highly saturated.

A cell phone repair business revolves around mobile repair, tablets, and refurbishment. All these aspects include different domains for management. And to open a repair store requires all these sorted out. You should have technicians for repair jobs and the best salesman for selling parts and accessories.

To start a mobile repair business, you must be ahead of other repair businesses. One efficient way to do this is to use mobile phone repair shop software. In addition, you should have complete knowledge of what things you need to complete to start a repair business. Let’s see what step you need to follow to start a cell phone repair business.

Research on the Market and Targeted Audience (Planning)

First of all, observe the area or locality where you want to open your brick-and-mortar repair shop. Check whether opening a shop is right for you or not. With such a huge market, you have the chance to flourish, but the question arises will it work for you or the area you want to start your repair shop?

Nowadays, repair shops use mobile phone repair shop software to run their business efficiently. Do you have that skilled staff to handle that? Do you have resources for that training? Can you afford the training?

Apart from that, there is a bundle of other things to take care of before starting a cell phone business. Some of which are:

  • What audience will you target? With this information, you can decide how much they can pay for a repair job.
  • How much will a repair shop cost you at the startup and after it? It includes employees’ paychecks, inventory expenses, etc.
  • Do you have the skilled labor for this job as the cell phones are getting more advanced and complicated with the passing day?

So all of this research is necessary for starting a cell phone repair shop. You need to do thorough research before stepping foot into this vast industry. Let’s dive into these points:

So How You Can Let A Cell Phone Repair Shop Work in Your Favour?

If you are willing to start a cell phone repair business, there might be a chance that you felt a need for it on your own or observed it from the people around you. If your local area does not have the facility of a repair shop, then it is a perfect opportunity for you to fulfill it because the business runs with the demands. On the other hand, there can be a scenario where there is a cell phone repair shop, but they are not catering to the needs of the customers i-e they can be slow in service or lack efficient technology like a repair shop software. Hence choose a location that suits you, and your customers can access it easily.

Determine Your Price Point and Services

Since you are running a cell phone repair shop, you are pretty clear about your services which are:

  • Cell phone repair (hardware or software)
  • Selling cell phone parts and accessories
  • Refurbishment
  • Tablets repairs

After analyzing the market and locality, decide what you will charge for your services. It should be a balance between your profit and your customer’s expense. You can always change your price point with the demand of customers after your business start to flourish. For starters, it is better to have a price point list with room for a few additional charges according to the device.

Choose A Business Name and Identity

After planning essentials for your business, it is crucial to choose a business name. This step might seem insignificant, but it holds concrete importance in doing your business. A unique and attractive name will help you to grow fast and make yourself recognized among the lot. Your business name must include your focused services, for example, cell phone repair or mobile repair shop. Select a name that is not restricted to your locality or a single service so that if you decide to expand, your name is not a hindrance.

However, print your business cards creatively and also make an attractive website for your online customers. Also, have a beautiful display of your products and services on your POS software for the repair shop so that customers can explore your products and offers during checkout.

Register Your Business and Complete the Legal Formalities

Registering your cell phone business is absolutely crucial for business and legal purposes. Carefully register your business name, location, and services. This makes the entire process official, and you are legal in the eyes of the state. Once this process is completed, you are free to start your business without any hesitation.

Moreover, this step is a prerequisite for tax filing and official business accounts. Choose your business structure wisely because you will pay tax according to that. Obtain licenses and permits required for setting up a cell phone repair shop. Also, buy a business insurance plan!

Hire A Passionate Team

A new business requires an enthusiastic team willing to work 24/7 to keep the business up and running. Your repair will need mobile technicians with excellent skill sets, managerial staff, and inventory people. Moreover, they should have some software know-how for operating the mobile phone repair shop software.

You have a plan, official documentation, and a dynamic team. Voila! You are ready to start making money by starting your own cell phone repair shop.


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