Top 6 Best Bikes for Surfers, 2022-2023

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When you’re not on your board, how else do you like to get around? Biking is a healthy, active way to keep your legs moving and get where you need to go, even to the beach. Find a surf bike to keep alongside your surfboard, and you’ll never feel bored. There are many different styles that work well for surfers.

Going ‘AroundtheBlock’ to Hit the Beach

If you live close to the beach and don’t need to commute far, you will want to prioritize comfort. Comfort bikeshave ergonomic frames to support your back while you ride. They come in up to 21 speeds so you can customize them to best suit your lifestyle.

A comfort bike is best for flexible riding, as well. If you need to traverse pavement, gravel and sand one of these cruisers is your best bet. They have 2” cruiser tires, which are great for flattening out many different terrain types.

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Beach Cruiser

Say you want to move down the beach a bit to escape the tourists— a beach cruiser is the type of bike you can use once you’re already at the beach. A fat tire bicycle is perfect for riding over sketchy surfaces, like sand. That’s why the tires are so fat! They give you more surface area for distributing weight evenly.

Fat tires are also excellent for safely navigating wet surfaces. Their wide surface and tread are engineered for gripping. Whether the boardwalk is soaked from spray or you’re caught in an afternoon summer thunderstorm, your beach cruiser won’t let you down.

Electric Is the Wave of the Future

Do you want to use your bike for hauling around your gear? An electric beach cruiser is a good solution for you. In this modern age, you can find bikes with small, quiet electric motors for extra power and speed.

The frame and tires are similar to a beach cruiser, so you still have unparalleled comfort and flexibility. However, you also have a 500 Watt motor to boost your power. You can let it take over completely and use the throttle to control the bike or you can use pedal assist mode and engage the motor with each pedal. You can even turn it off to use your bike like a classic beach cruiser if you feel like it.

Need for Speed on the Streets

Trying to capture the thrill of riding the waves, but on your bike? If you will be riding on smooth pavement or have access to a quality bike trail, a commuter bike is the one for you. 

Hybrid bikes can also scratch this itch. They do well if you don’t have perfect pavement to work with the whole way or if you want to take it off trail once in a while. 

Don’t let another day go by without cruising the boardwalk on a comfortable ride or dashing past traffic on an electric bike. Find a bicycle that suits your needs and fits your body to get started surfing the streets. A well-fitted bike is a perfect companion for any watersports enthusiast.


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