The 7 BEST Postpartum Diapers Of 2022 

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Postpartum or after-delivery bleeding is often heavier than regular periods, especially in the first ten days. The best postpartum adult diapers and pads absorb blood while keeping you comfortable during your recovery. However, there are numerous items on the market. 

However, you must select diapers and pads with good absorbency. Make careful you get a thicker product. Significantly, postpartum pads should be longer and wider to provide additional protection. In this article, we will go through the seven best postpartum diapers and pads so that you may relax and enjoy this time with your kid. 

1. Depends adult diapers 

Most postpartum underwear is designed to keep you dry during your postpartum period or even during your monthly period. Depends adult diapers, on the other hand, provide leakage protection and hygienic care.  

The underwear is helpful for both urinary incontinence and postpartum leaking. However, unlike some underwear that annoys you with perfume and lotion, Depends adult diapers are odorless. Furthermore, the extra soft liner makes it comfy on your skin.  

The diaper includes built-in pads, so you won’t have to spend extra money on pads. Significantly, because of its high absorbency capacity, the underwear holds a lot of flow. Additionally, because the diapers are composed of cotton, they are not only breathable but also decisive. Also, it comes in various colors and sizes, ranging from small to large to extra-large. 

2. Frida Mom High Waist C-Section Postpartum Underwear 

These postpartum panties are ideal if you have a C-section and still want to wear underwear without irritating your incision. They’re incredibly stretchy, breathable, and seamless. However, these are not for you if you are allergic to latex. 

Significantly, some moms say the sizing runs small, so if you’re in between sizes, consider going up a size. These are intended to retain pads and liners and are insufficiently absorbent. You may require an additional pad to insert, which is where the Frida Mom Cooling Pads and Frida Mom Witch Hazel Pad Liners come in handy. 

3. Solimo Postpartum Underwear

Solimo Postpartum underwear is a fantastic choice for women who have had a normal or C-section delivery since it provides optimum vaginal fluid absorbency and leak control. The top sheet of the product is comprised of cotton, which has excellent moisture-wicking characteristics and protects your skin from bacterial accumulation and illnesses. 

Because it contains no latex or other harsh chemicals, it is safe for your perineal area, keeping your skin dry, soft, and comfortable. Furthermore, it includes a dual-odor control technology that rapidly catches and eliminates vaginal odors, making you feel healthy and fresh throughout the day. 

Significantly, its outstanding hypoallergenic characteristics provide up to eight hours of vaginal leakage protection while keeping your skin healthy and infection-free. Additionally, Solimo provides a comfortable fit and is composed of well-ventilated fabric, providing optimal breathability to keep your perineal area cool for an extended period.  

4. Livdry Adult Underwear 

Although designed for bladder leakage, this underwear provides moms the protection they want as postpartum underwear. They are soft and cloth-like, with leg barrier cuffs to prevent leakage. 

Additionally, they also feature tear-away sides, making them easy to remove. Significantly, they do not contain chlorine-free material. So, if you have sensitive skin, you should choose a different option in this post to guarantee quick healing following birth. 

5. Always Infinity Feminine Pads for Women

If resting at night has become a nightmare due to excessive flow from either menstruation or postpartum, Always Infinity Feminine Pads for Women are what you need. The pad is primarily intended to provide a leak-free night’s sleep. 

They shield you from leaks and stains because your back is wider than typical. Also, the silky and airy flex-foam technology makes it one of the women’s best super-absorbent sleep pads.  

Significantly, it not only has a moisture-wicking property but also eliminates all forms of wetness caused by blood. Also, if you have sensitive skin, the pad is the perfect underwear because it does not irritate. 

6. Natracare Maternity Pads 

Natracare Maternity Pads are well-liked by ladies. One of the many reasons is that it is longer and narrower, making it one of the best-recommended pads for moms during the first few days after giving birth. Because they are organic cotton, you can expect the pad to be soft and allow ample airflow to keep you dry.  

Moms have strong flow after giving birth; thus, Natracare is the appropriate pad because it is highly absorbent, and you feel no moisture while wearing it. It is also free of odor-causing substances such as chlorine. Furthermore, it is biodegradable—and hence environmentally friendly. They are also suitable for skin-sensitive mothers because they do not cause rashes or irritation. 

7. Prevail Incontinence Protective Underwear 

Prevail Incontinence Protective Underwear provides women with comfort and innovation, not to mention their strong attention to quality and safety requirements. Significantly, the underwear is efficient against odor and super-absorbent polymer technology that gives total protection. 

Additionally, it features a thick fast coating that shuts down your flows as soon as they drop to prevent trickling and spilling. Also, because of its elastic waistband, it fits pleasantly under you while simultaneously snugging and adjusting readily to your legs.   


Wear postpartum diapers instead of pads for the first two to three weeks after giving birth to stay dry and leak-free. It’s one less thing to think about as you acclimate to life with your new baby.  


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