Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Sports Bike In India

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Buying a sports bike is an exciting and thrilling experience. Sport bikes are the most prized of all motorcycles. These motorcycles combine speed and vintage style, and who does not desire that? As a newbie to the world of sports bikes, you might be confused about the differences between various models. There are several possibilities, and the costs are substantial. However, not everyone has the financial means to purchase the sports bike of their dreams. Here, a motorcycle loan comes to play. With a motorcycle loan, one can get their dream sports bike at affordable EMIs.

What are the points that a bike rider needs to consider before buying a sports bike?

Before purchasing a sportbike, one must take a variety of aspects into account. These include price, features, brand, performance, safety, maintenance and warranty.

1. Research the safety features

Many bikes have been designed to withstand a crash; however, some may not have the same level of safety as others. A good sports bike must be able to handle any situation, including crashes and falls, without affecting its performance or durability. Safety features include suspension systems, brakes, electronic stability control, etc. These ensure that even if a bike hits something hard or gets hit by a car, it will not get damaged.

2. Estimate the maintenance costs

Bikes require a lot of maintenance, especially those that are expensive. One needs to estimate how much time and money one would spend maintaining a bike like oiling, proper servicing, tire change, etc. If a person plans to keep the bike for many years, ensure to buy a good quality bike because it will last longer and save some money.

3. Cost efficiency

Unlike other city bikes you may ride anytime, anywhere, sports bikes are not for everyone. Every bit of fuel in these bikes is used by the vehicle’s design, which makes them expensive. Do not allow owning a sports motorcycle’s excessive price to deter you; you can opt for a motorcycle loan from an NBFC like Muthoot Capital. They offer up to 100% loan financing for some bikes at competitive interest rates with a hassle-free process. They also offer second-hand car finance.

4. Fuel efficiency

Another essential consideration is fuel efficiency. Sports bikes can be very thirsty, so riders need to know how much fuel their chosen bike will use before purchasing. One cannot anticipate sports bikes to provide high mileage on roads, unlike other city bikes.

5. Consider buying a used sports bike

Buying a used sports bike allows one to get a great bike at a reasonable price. These bikes are usually in good condition and do not need much maintenance. By doing this, one can save lots of money and avoid spending on unnecessary repairs. If you want to buy a used bike, make sure it comes from a reputable dealer. Also, check out their warranty policies and service manuals.


Before someone buys a sports bike in India, there are many things they can consider. They can consider their budget. Sports bikes can be expensive, so they need to ensure they can afford one. Moreover, if they are a beginner, they might want to consider a different type of bike.


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