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Employees in safety-sensitive occupations must undergo examinations by a SAP Evaluation near me, as mandated by the DOT (Department of Transportation) (DOT). Pre-employment, post-accident, random, or reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing as well as return-to-duty tests for personnel with commercial driver’s licences are now legal due to DOT regulations (CDLs). Our counsellors are highly trained professionals who adhere to the SAP Evaluation near me required to guide you through the RTD (Return to Duty) procedure as laid forth by the DOT to protect against violations of its drug and alcohol policies.

Why is SAP Evaluation near me necessary?

  1. A worker who tests positive for alcohol or drugs.
  2. A worker who is a CDL holder.
  3. In order to start working or to keep working, an employee must undergo a substance addiction examination.

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Two steps are included in SAP evaluation:

  1. The initial phase Face-to-face clinical interview and assessment are part of theSAP Evaluation near me.

To evaluate whether a problem with substance misuse is present and, if so, what level of therapy is required.

  • The addition of a referral for education or drug or alcohol addiction therapy (as determined by our SAP)
  • Ongoing observation of the employee while they are receiving therapy.
  1. The follow-upSAP Evaluation near meconsists of the following:
  • A follow-up session that enables SAP to assess whether the treatment was effective and to issue a “Notice of Compliance” or “Notice of Noncompliance” based on the employee’s performance throughout the course of the programme.
  • Suggestions for more study or medical care (if needed)
  • Advice for post-treatment (as deemed necessary)
  • Written report to DER (Designated Employer Representative) (Designated Employer Representative)

If the employer is pleased with the report, he can direct the execution of a Return to Duty test, the results of which should be negative in order to reinstate you; however, if they are positive, you must again go through the assessment process and adhere to the SAP Evaluation near me until you are accepted as fit.


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