The Unsuspected Role of Karl Lagerfeld Perfume in the Summer

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Summer is the best time to feel beautiful, relaxed, and unwind. Under the sun, you get to try many activities you’ll remember throughout the year. With summer scents, you can make those priceless memories possible to help you enjoy the perfect hot season.

This memorable tropical period is the best pair with a perfume that can uplift your mood even when it’s scorching hot outside. However, if you’re starting to get to know scents, you might find your search for your signature scent a bit overwhelming.

No need to worry, for there are famous and trustworthy fragrance houses that you’ll surely love. When it comes to having the perfect summer aroma, the two perfume brands that you should not miss out on our Karl Lagerfeld and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Bois De Vetiver

Get to know them as you read this blog and discover the role of these two fragrance lines in the perfume industry, especially in summer scents.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Contribution to the Perfume Industry

If you’re a fan of scents that remind you of a perfect and radiant summer, you should try the perfume line of Karl Lagerfeld. It’s a global luxury brand launched by the creative power behind the famous brand Chanel.

Karl Otto Lagerfeld, the famous designer, and owner of his self-named brand have worked with many fashions and design houses. So, you can expect that his brand already has a strong foundation. He reflected his mastery in arts and fashion with his love of perfumery in creating a masterpiece.

Here are 2 of the most notable perfumes of Karl Lagerfeld’s perfume line for summer that your fragrance wardrobe deserves.

1. Fleur D’orchidee
Fleur D'orchidee

You should get this Karl Lagerfeld perfume for a floral summer radiance. With white floral, citrus, floral, and sweet main accords, you’ll smell lovely with Fleur D’orchidee. Even reviews from perfume enthusiasts have proven that this perfume is a must-buy.

This perfume’s floral and fruity aroma came from its top notes of neroli and grapefruit. Jasmine Sambac, orchid, and pink pepper follow the top notes and combine with intense base notes of tonka bean, cedar, and patchouli.


Karl Lagerfeld For Her

If you fancy a Karl Lagerfeld perfume that is floral and fruity, this Eau de Parfum fits your exquisite taste. As Karl Lagerfeld For Her exudes floral, citrus, rose, and fruity main accords, you can’t help but pick this perfume as a signature scent candidate. 

This perfume opens with peach and lemon top notes, followed by floral heart notes of magnolia, rose, and frangipani. Musk, woody notes, and amber finishes the scent and leaves a lasting summer impression. 

Ermenegildo Zegna Perfume for Summer 

For an irresistible range of summer scents, you should try and experience the beauty of Ermenegildo Zegna perfumes. Same with Karl Lagerfeld, this brand also started producing clothes and then succeeded in making fragrances. It’s a brand that offers a wide variety of summer scents, and here are 2 that you shouldn’t miss. 

1. Zegna Intenso

It might be surprising, but this Ermenegildo Zelda perfume for men is one of the best summer fragrances available. Live life in a radiant style and intensify your days with aromatic citrus, warm spicy, and iris main accords.

You will indeed feel summer as Zegna Intenso demonstrates Italian elegance from the contrast of its dark and light notes. This Eau de Toilette starts with cardamom, lemon, mandarin orange, and pink pepper top notes. Iris, vetiver, cedar, tonka bean, and musk combine and finish off the scent.

2. Z Zegna Shanghai

Stay fresh and comfy as you spray this Ermenegildo Zelda perfume all over your body. With woody, warm spicy, violet, and powdery main accords, summer will bloom in your heart and become even more memorable. In addition to its captivating spell, perfume enthusiasts who blind bought it proved that this is a must-buy summer scent.

Aside from being an ideal summer aroma, with its relaxing fragrance notes, it’s also safe as an office scent. It only has cardamom, violet, and guaiac wood as ingredients. Despite having only 3 fragrance notes, Z Zegna Shanghai is high-quality and comes with a premium summer scent.

Be Fragrant and Vibrant All Summer

Karl Lagerfeld and Ermenegildo Zelda are masters in the fashion industry and the world of fragrance. As a budding perfume enthusiast, don’t miss out on the summer fragrance that these fragrance luxury brands offer. Get your hands on their aromatic scents now.

Try Karl Lagerfeld and Ermenegildo Zelda’s perfumes and experience summer like no other.
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