The Benefits of Having a Hand Dryer in Every Bathroom

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Hygiene is the first thing that pops into people’s minds when hand dryers are mentioned. However, not many people are still familiar with the amazing benefits of having one in their bathroom. Hand dryers become utterly popular in gas stations, restaurants, and bars, but many other businesses, organizations, and homeowners tend to be reluctant to this sanitary option mainly due to its cost. But when it comes to reaching for paper towels instead of using hand dryers, it’s better and a safer option to install a hand dryer and cut costs in the long term. Besides the obvious financial benefit, here are some other reasons to install a hand dryer in every bathroom.

The ultimate hygienic solution

Let’s start with the most vital benefit of them all – hygiene. The reason behind using hand driers is, in the first place, to merely dry your hands, but you need to ensure the safety and hygiene of your hands afterward. With cloth and paper towels you are not as protected as using direct and hands-free dryers. A hand dryer uses a strong blast of hot air to dry your hands and motion sensors to turn it on, hence it’s absolutely contact-less. You won’t be needing to touch anything on the side, plus the hot air would immediately kill off bacteria and any other microorganisms due to intense heat. The fact that using hand dryers maximally limits the need to touch the appliance signalizes it’s one of the most hygienic solutions for every bathroom.

Good value for the money

Whether you have extra money to spare or not, buying hand dryers would be a perfect investment for the future. If you were to calculate the use of cloth or paper towels, you will realize that you will be spending more money on them in the long run. The trick is finding a quality hand dryer to buy that is cost-efficient and has a fast average drying time. By selecting a renowned hand dryer, you will initially save yourself the additional expenses for paper towels which can cost hundreds of dollars monthly. The installation of hand dryers and accessories might be a little bit costly, but the maintenance is cheap, so you still get a good value for your money in contrast to paper towels.

It’s the best environmental option

By getting an electric hand dryer you help save the environment. A lot of trees need to be cut in order for paper towels to be made. And the worst-case scenario is that those tissue papers are only used once and then thrown away which is a huge environmental problem. Hence, not only will you contribute to helping the deforestation issue, but you minimize the transport costs, as there’s no longer the need for paper towel delivery. With no exhaust fumes to pollute the air and no paper waste, there’s no negative carbon footprint. Therefore, by using hand dryers you make sure you don’t contribute to ruining Mother Nature.

It’s easy to maintain

Some people tend to be reckless when using paper towels. The bins get overflowed, and the papers end up on the sides, even in the sinks and toilets. Besides being rude and impolite behavior by some users, it’s still a common factor. This being said, paper towels can easily clog the busy washrooms, and overflow the sinks and towels which is a real pain in the neck to unclog and clean. With hand driers, you don’t have to worry about maintenance anymore. The machine itself is easy to maintain, and there’s no chance for the floors to be littered with papers and for the toilets and sinks ever to be clogged. What’s more, it’s much cheaper to hire a professional hand drier maintenance service than a plumber to do the dirty work in the entire bathroom.

No need for additional manual labor

It can be hard enough having to meticulously clean the bathroom, but where there is a need for constant change of paper towels that can be too time-consuming and demanding. As it’s crucial for every user to have a positive bathroom experience, businesses such as companies, hotels or restaurants should keep an eye on the cleanliness of their bathroom. Manual labor requires time and dedication, and if you have a scarce number of staff responsible for cleaning the bathroom and refilling the paper towels, then installing hand dryers is yet another amazing benefit. To cut the long story short, by having a hand dryer you won’t need to hire additional staff to refill the paper towers every second. Plus, you will ensure that the premises are always clean and sanitized even if you have fewer people doing manual labor.

Once you get the gist of the sprucing benefits of hand dryers, it’s time to start searching for the brand. Aim only to get the most professional machine which will thick all the above-mentioned items.


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