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Bathroom décor is a topic that’s often overlooked until the last minute. However, some entertaining and creative ideas can make your bathroom-time experience more pleasant. The following DIY projects will give your bathroom a fresh look without relying on the same old store-bought decorations. Here are ten clever ideas to add to your bathroom today.

1. Bath Towel Holder

It’s always challenging to find the perfect place for your bath towels, which is why you might want to get creative and turn one of the inside walls of your bathroom into a unique towel holder. This would provide an easy view of the towels while they dry, and it would also be functional because it would make it easier for you to hang your towels in a way that wouldn’t take up too much space or risk falling on top of other items in the bathroom. For this project to work correctly, you will need to install window tracks into the wall using wooden pieces that fit into grooves molded onto the surface.

2. Improve the Lighting

Many people overlook their bathroom lighting. This is a mistake because the proper lighting can make all the difference in your experience. Instead of relying on a power outage and hoping you have enough time to get ready for your day in the dark, upgrade your lighting with a simple DIY project that enhances its aesthetic appeal. You might even want to consider adding a dimmer switch so that you can modify the brightness whenever you go into the bathroom.

3. Barn Door for Bathroom

Bathroom doors are often overlooked. This is a mistake because the door for the bathroom area should resemble an elegant design, and it’s important your bathroom doors fit in with your overall decorating theme. These will make your bathroom feel more luxurious and it will make it easier for you to feel more comfortable when you’re not at home. If you are a bit more casual, consider a barn door for bathroom. 

4. Keep the Main Fixtures Neutral

When decorating your entire bathroom, it’s always important to remain neutral. This means avoiding color palettes that create visual emphasis or discernible patterns in the design. You want a bathroom that will blend in with its surroundings, so avoid making the room too visually distinct.

5. Add a Vanity With Storage

If you are short on space and may be putting up with a small vanity in your bathroom, you should consider adding one of these simple DIY projects. For instance, you could add some shelving to hold your soaps and lotions inside the cabinet space. This would also provide more storage for other toiletries and supplies you might need for daily use.

6. Prioritize Ventilation

If you are trying to improve your home’s ventilation system, you might want to focus on getting a bathroom exhaust fan. These fans will help eliminate moisture and odors from the room, so they never have a chance to build up. This means that your bathroom will always feel fresh and sterile.

7. Add Stone Accents

If you want to bring some natural elements into the bathroom, consider using stone accents in the design. This is often associated with baths and showers because of its ability to retain heat and provide a relaxing ambiance around the room. You could also opt for pavers that mimic these properties but are designed for surfaces outside your shower or bathtub area.

8. Stick With a Small Tub

Smaller tubs may not be as appealing as oversized tubs, but they can provide a more intimate bathing experience that would be ideal for couples or single individuals. The extra space in the bathroom isn’t used by a more oversized tub, giving you more room to walk around and use the toilet immediately after your shower or bath ends. It also means that you will spend less time waiting for the bath water to heat up or drain out when you are done using it.

9. Insulate Your Shower

Showers tend to become colder during the wintertime and warmer during the summers, but this is entirely avoidable with a shower insulation kit. This kit can be installed quickly and will help maintain your desired temperature throughout the showering process.

10. Bathtub Shelf

This is an easy DIY project that can make your bathroom more comfortable. A shelf can be attached to your bathtub’s side and secured with strong magnets. This makes it easy for you to keep your toiletries in place without having to constantly reach down into a cabinet underneath the sink.

Bathroom maintenance doesn’t require much work, but it can be advantageous if you plan. These simple DIY projects can help to make your bathroom more functional and beautiful with minimal effort.


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