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Does your short hair look too plain? If it does, this is the right place for you because we have got some pretty and stunning short hair ideas for you. With these hairstyles for short hair, you will never get tired of styling and flaunting your short hair.

For some of the most alluring short hair with fringe, find the styles you will love below.

  1. Bob With Short Bangs

Having a bob haircut is fun, especially if you are tired of taking care of your long hair. This bob haircut will give you a beautiful and fresh look.

To top off your bobs, you can elevate your short hair with fringe. Achieve this same hairstyle with additional short bangs to amplify your bob. This will not add texture to your bob haircut but also give them a touch of fun with sassy. Flaunt your hairstyle on any occasion.

2. Wavy Long Bob With Bangs

Achieve this wavy hair with fringe with the best short hair styles

This hairstyle is another way of styling your bob haircuts. You have to make sure that you keep your bobs a little longer than usual. The combination of wavy hair with fringe is the most beautiful way to style your slightly elongated bob, so give your bob a little bit of wave pattern.

Have a balayage color and let the colors pop for the a desired look.

3. Short Curly Hair With Bangs

Running out of styles? Choose this curly hair fringe style inspiration

For a curly hair fringe hairstyle, you can choose this short curly hair with bangs. The curly hairstyle will give your curls the right amount of glossiness.

To achieve this hairstyle, you should have curly hair. Define your curls, make sure they have really beautiful textures, and then chop those bangs off for a more authentic style.

4. Side Swept Short Hair

For sassy looks, get this beautiful short hair style.

Have you ever wanted to display your inner confidence through your hairstyle? Well, for a bold and strong look, you can choose this side-swept short hair for a change. This hairstyle will give you the best look, which can be both sassy and cute. For this short hair with fringe hairstyle, side-sweep your bangs and give your short hair the shine that it needs.

5. Choppy Pixie Haircut

Go bold and get this pixie style for short haircut

To add more layers and texture to your short hair, get a pixie haircut. This is the best style for women with short hair with fringe.

To achieve this hairstyle, you will need to get a choppy pixie with so many layers to versatility while styling. This pixie is a hairstyle that will match up with every outfit and occasion. So go bold and give this pixie haircut a go.

6. Straight Bob With Baby Bangs

Get your bangs extra short with straight hair to amp the looks.

Do you want a more dramatic look on your short straight hair? If you desire this kind of hairstyle, you can achieve this straight bob with super short baby bangs.

This is one of the most trending hairstyles of all time, and it still holds its rank as one of the most beautiful hairstyles to give you both cute and sassy hairstyles. This short hair with fringe is your go-to hairstyle for any event.


Short hair is always a fun way of styling with the best looks. Having short hair gives you alluring looks with immense versatility to style. Choose the hairstyles mentioned above for amazing and authentic hairstyles.

You can check Diva Divine’s blog for more short hairstyle ideas and get ample inspiration.


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