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According to Microsoft, 82% of businesses report cost savings by migrating to cloud-based telephony systems. This is why many businesses are switching to cloud telephony.

Companies use VoIP call center solutions for many reasons, including elevating their customer support by efficiently handling high call volumes, using in-depth solutions to track their business KPIs, and more in a cost-efficient manner. 

That is where cloud-based VoIP call center solutions vendor like Aavaz FreePBX comes into the picture. Aavaz provides its customers with customized VoIP call center solutions designed to match their specific business needs, now and in the future.

Let us look at the top 7 of the popular call center VoIP solutions offered by Aavaz.

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


IVR is one of the keys automated VoIP call center solutions that incorporate pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech technology. IVR systems significantly improve customer experience with options like self-service, reducing the call volume for business, lowering wait times and costs for businesses. 

There are 2 popular types of IVR systems.

  • The touch-Tone replacement system prompts callers to use a touch-tone keypad to access customer support, technical support, and more.
  • Directed dialogue provides specific verbal prompts to callers to access a business service.

2. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)


ACD is one of the key VoIP call center training solutions that automatically receives incoming calls and distributes them to the most skilled agent. Companies use the ACD system to help agents handle large call volumes from incoming callers and improve customer experience and satisfaction by promptly routing the callers to the most skilled agent. 

3. Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard and reporting

VoIP call center solutions like dashboards and reporting are cloud-based platforms where businesses can view their business call statistics in detailed graphs. Cloud-based VoIP call center solutions allow you to see your business productivity from anywhere with an internet connection in real-time. With detailed data in real-time of your call statistics, you can implement effective business strategies to help grow your business.

4. Conference Call

Conference call

A VoIP conference call uses an internet connection compatible with any device. You can hold a conference bridge with a passcode to join the meeting for enhanced security using VoIP technology. With VoIP conference calls, you and your remote employees can still collaborate easily. The VoIP conference calls can also have up to 200 participants at one time. 

5. Phone Extensions and Voicemail

Phone extensions and voicemail

With Aavaz, you can manage your extensions and voicemail on the go. Most businesses use a phone extension; a short number used to reach an individual or department within a company. It is typically used when transferring calls internally, which is managed from the company’s PBX system.

With phone extensions, you can quickly transfer calls between agents and departments, ensuring that callers get transferred to the right agent at all times, and you can also forward these calls to your cell phone. 

6. Call Recording 

Call recording

When your agent is communicating with a customer, it is can be difficult to remember all the key points of the conversation. That’s where call recording comes in handy by letting you record the telephone conversation. 

2 Popular methods of call recording are:

  • You press “record” before and during a call in real-time. 
  • Calls are also recorded using the “Look Back” technique, where the entire call is recorded. Sensitive data like bank card information are concealed with white noise.

After a call is recorded, the data is converted to voice data files and easily accessible since they are stored in the cloud.

7. Music On-Hold


The music-on-hold feature is one of the most important VoIP call center solutions for businesses. This feature plays customized music when an incoming call is placed on hold. Customers get frustrated when they are placed on hold but music-on-hold, making the wait time appear shorter, decreasing call abandonment rate, and increasing caller retention rate.

Most companies inform the callers of an estimated wait time and the option of receiving a callback. This gives the customers the option to either continue waiting in a queue or have the company call them at the customer’s convenience. 


VoIP call center solutions enable businesses of all sizes to efficiently and productively their business while also gaining an instant competitive edge over their competitors. 

You can contact Aavaz Free PBX, for all your telephony needs. Aavaz provides customized VoIP call center solutions based on your current and future business needs that let your business grow smoothly. 


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