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Happiness often eludes us because our minds keep seeking it in the wrong direction. Scientists spend a lot of time studying our behavior to figure out what makes humans happy and what doesn’t.

We know that happiness is correlated with health and longevity, and we can use happiness scales to measure social progress and its success. However, having a happy life isn’t a matter of chance. While it is natural for us to experience

While yearning for bliss and joy, many of us remain stuck in a rut of negative emotions. So how to get out of it?

Happiness is different for everybody; each of us is bestowed with the power to change our behavior, surroundings, and relationships to lead happier lives. 

It is often from within that we find happiness. The key to embracing optimism daily is to tame negative thoughts and practice proper behavior. 

And just like anything, happiness takes practice. You won’t become happier overnight, but you can discover the secrets every day by doing these few things.

  1. Conquer your bad habits

It’s true that adopting healthier habits, such as eating healthy and exercising regularly, will boost your productivity and energy. 

But how about negating some old habits that have become a part of your life too? Ones that rule over your dopamine levels and could lead to serious health problems? 

Conquering bad habits (such as addiction to alcohol or drugs), especially those you have become accustomed to, isn’t an easy task. You must take professional help to get yourself out. 

Consider detoxification services to cleanse your mind and body. Rehab facilities such as Serenity at Summit can also be helpful, where you can get holistic care and professional assistance. 

With Serenity at Summit Rehab programs, you will receive the best assistance for your unique needs.

2. Don’t let negative thoughts take over

Positive thinking is the key to finding long-term happiness. Yet, there’s a tendency in all humans to be a bit more sad than cheerful, to dwell more on negative experiences than on positive ones. 

It’s an adaptive response that allows us to avoid or react quickly to a crisis by overlearning from painful experiences (i.e., betrayal, bullying, trauma).

To conquer this, make a point of looking for the positives in your life. Take a few minutes of your day to recognize the bright side of things. 

If things seem like going south, take a moment to see it from a positive perspective. Repeat mantras like “Today is beautiful” or “I am grateful for what I have.” If you make it a habit of seeing things in a positive light, in just a month, your brain will become accustomed to it. 

All of us have negative thoughts, but recognizing them and challenging them can lead to a happier life.

3. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small

It is common for life to have ups and downs, but in the midst of them, many small victories go unnoticed. Take a moment to appreciate these small accomplishments.

Is your to-do list cleared of all the tasks you’ve put off? Were you finally able to get rid of hundreds of emails piling up in your inbox? Isn’t that great? Don’t forget to take pleasure in these small accomplishments. Together, they make a difference!

4. Accept that it is okay to be imperfect.

The desire to be our best drives many of us to strive for perfection. Achieving it is impossible, and demanding it from others and ourselves is pointless. 

The key to true happiness is embracing the imperfections that are part of life. There will always be a feeling of disappointment at the end. The beauty and grace of life lie in accepting that life is imperfect.

5. Understand the difference between spending money and wasting it

It’s tempting to think that having more money will make you happier. In reality, how you spend your money makes you feel happier. 

You have to make sure you do it wisely. We must not define our purpose by material possessions but rather by experiences. 

When we spend money on experiences, such as travel, dining, concerts, etc., we share these experiences with others, which makes us happier. 

Because happiness derived from things fades, it is out our experiences that help us identify our passions in life.

6. Maintain a mindful attitude.

The essence of mindfulness meditation is to focus your attention and awareness on the present moment. 

The key is to be nonjudgmental and accept what you are feeling. The practice of mindfulness involves being aware, present, and curious simultaneously. 

We can reduce stress and see situations for what they are when we accept what we are going through. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for finding inner peace and affirmation.

7. Own your choices

Developing a positive attitude by being yourself is one of the best ways to boost your happiness. It means accepting yourself as you are without seeking approval from others. 

Discover who you are by spending some time with yourself. What makes you unique? Where do you stand on issues that are important to you? 

How would you describe yourself, deep down? Find ways to express yourself without feeling self-conscious and be comfortable in your skin. 

8. Don’t compare yourself to others. 

The most important thing is not to compare your possessions with those of others. Social media gives us the impression that everyone else has it better than us. 

How often do you feel negative emotions when scrolling through your newsfeed? We cannot appreciate what we have if we allow envy and resentment to take root.


For most of us, happiness has become elusive because we’ve been chasing it so much. Often, we look for it in the wrong places and with the wrong people. 

You can learn to be happy by managing your thoughts, developing a positive mindset, adopting healthier habits, developing confidence, embracing your strengths, enhancing your self-confidence, engaging in activities you enjoy, and forming good relationships. While that’s a lot to consider, it’s not too difficult to achieve. Taking on all of them at once isn’t possible. However, you can begin by focusing on one thing.


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