How To Pick Bathroom Fittings and Accessories For Your Home

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Aside from a great bathroom, a home’s decor should also include sinks, toilet seats, basins, and cabinet door handles. To make this task a little easier, we have a few tips that will help you decide which bathroom fittings and accessories are perfect for your home. Here, you can find the most popular items and their characteristics. Ensure that you choose fittings that match your personal style and budget. Once you have decided which fixtures to use, it is time to shop for the rest of your home.

You Deserve A Beautiful New Bathroom


There are several types of sinks available in the market today. The most popular types are copper, stainless steel, and enamel-over-cast iron. Commercially, stainless steel sinks are most popular and tend to be easier to clean. They also tend to be cheaper to set up than other types. Copper and stainless steel sinks also score highly in terms of usability and durability. They are both heat-resistant and impact-resistant, making them ideal choices for bathroom sinks.

Toilet seats

There are many options for toilet seats. Some people prefer round seats, while others choose elongated ones. Plastic and wood toilet seats are both available in different colors. Plastic seats are generally lighter and have a longer lifespan than wooden ones. However, some people believe that wooden seats add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. The color and material of the toilet seat also have a bearing on the overall look of the bathroom.


Basins are essential elements of bathroom fittings, allowing you to wash your hands without the need to step over a ledge. Basins can accommodate either one or two tap holes. Single taps usually feature a lever to control the temperature of water, or turn the water on and off. Double taps feature both hot and cold water. They are the most common type of basin. If you’re not sure which type to choose, you can read more about them below.

Cabinet door handles

There are many different types of cabinet door handles to choose from. There are cup pulls, dummy knob sets, and more. They are all decorative and are designed with space for a finger. For sliding doors, you’ll want to use a fitting set. These hardware kits usually include a running track, door channel guide, and gears. In addition, some sets include a wall buffer. Flush pulls are designed to stay flush against the cabinet door and keep the pull handle in place.

Shower screens

There are many different styles and designs available for shower screens. Some are fixed while others are foldable and swinging. While most designs are very similar, small differences in style can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Here are some examples of the various styles and designs. You can find a suitable screen for your bathroom by browsing the different websites dedicated to bathroom fittings. Then, you can choose the most appropriate one for your space.


Copper bathroom fittings can enhance the style of any bathroom. Using copper fixtures in your bathroom will add depth and luxury, while a variety of finishes are available for you to choose from. Among these are chemical, laminated, and mechanical finishes. The mechanical finish is the most popular and is often used in bathrooms because of its infinite texture. This type of finish is a wonderful option for those who want a warm and rich feeling to their bathroom.


While matte black and chrome are the most popular finishes for bathroom tapware, there’s nothing quite as striking as brass bathroom fittings. While brass is an investment, there are also a number of pros and cons associated with brass tapware. Here’s a look at what you should know before investing in brass tapware. A few pros and cons of brass bathroom fittings are listed below. The following are some of the most significant ones.


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