What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems?

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Heightened security at commercial properties starts with better security installations, and surveillance systems aren’t always enough. Access control systems take security one step further and stop any unauthorized individuals from getting into the building. Continue reading to learn more about why your company needs access control systems.

Limit Access to Your Business

Businesses use access control systems to limit access to their buildings and control who can get into the properties. An access control system requires all workers to use key cards to open doors and enter the premises. A network administrator programs each key card with the worker’s information, including their name, their department, and what areas they can access. And, if a worker is fired, the administrator can shut down their keycard to stop them from entering the building.

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Tracking Employee Movements in the Building

Employee movements while they are inside the building are just as important as when they come in. Large corporations need to find key workers or executives in an instant, and the data shows where the person is inside the building. That means businesses can save time when they track employees as they move around the facility. Tracking employee movements helps businesses find out if a worker was in an area at the time of a security breach, too.

Protecting Restricted Areas

Restricted areas of a commercial business require permissions and authorization for any worker to enter. The access control system creates a log each time any worker tries to enter these areas if they aren’t meant to get in, and the business owner can take action to find out why these employees are making these attempts. Restricted areas may include sections where the data center is located or high-risk areas. Access control systems don’t just stop workers from entering, but the systems also mitigate risks to these workers.

Eliminate the Need for Keys

Key cards look like credit cards and have a magnetic strip on the back, and workers must swipe these cards through the access control panel to open a door. The cards are better choices than keys since workers are more likely to lose their keys. If they lose a key, the business owner must change physical locks to prevent unauthorized access, but the network administrator can log into the system to shut down a keycard without any further effort.

Protecting Workers Against Security Risks

Commercial buildings that have access control systems mitigate risks to workers and prevent criminals from getting in to commit a crime. Even basic office designs have a reception area with access control panels stationed in all other areas. If someone walks into the reception area, the receptionist can trigger the security alarm, and all the doors remain locked.

Access control systems are beneficial in giving commercial property owners more control over their property. No one can get into the building or restricted areas without a key card, and administrators can track all employee movements to locate them instantly. Speak to a vendor to get an access control system for your entire property and improve security for your business and workers.

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