How Can a License Plate Reader Improving Parking Structures and Carpooling for Hospitals?

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Devices used to read license plates and collect data have proven useful in managing traffic infractions and holding speeders accountable. However, these readers have proven useful in different studies to solve issues such as parking in major cities. Continue reading to learn how these devices can improve parking structures and carpooling for hospitals.

Assessing Parking Space Limitations

Due to limited parking spaces in hospital parking lots, essential workers end up driving around the lots wasting time that they could use serving patients. New plans for managing these inconveniences have led to carpooling opportunities through public transportation. A hospital in Montreal has implemented an efficient service for all medical workers to get them to work on time and address limited capacity parking lots, and this parking solution started with the help of a license plate reader.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Reading License Plates and Collecting Data

The license plate readers collect data from automobiles parked in reserved parking spaces and areas limited to workers. The parking space shortages have presented a real need to take action and find solutions to get more workers back into the hospital and limit the time required to find a space. In Montreal and similar areas, it can take several years before hospital workers get a parking pass that indicates they are allowed to park in these areas.

Since they faced a long wait, many workers were parking on the streets, but with new construction projects, this too became a problem for hospital workers. The license plate readers alerted security to any unauthorized vehicles, and security can remove these vehicles from the restricted parking lot.

The collected data shows the hospital administrators how many authorized vehicles were parked within the lot and in allowed street parking areas. These details show how many vehicles they can expect in the parking lot on any given day. Data released to public authorities showed that public transportation and carpooling could solve the problem and reduce the volume of parked vehicles within the parking lot. Increasing open spaces allows administrators to create more reserved parking for doctors and essential nurses.

Getting City Funding to Improve Carpooling and Parking Efforts

Before the city of Montreal approved the carpooling project, the hospital administrators had to prove via collected data that this was the most viable solution over building a larger parking structure and taking over patient parking areas. Their data came from license plate readers used by public transportation providers.

Independent drivers working for services such as Nelift have provided carpooling for boroughs and remote areas where hospital workers live. After reviewing the data, the Montreal authorities confirmed that not only was carpooling and decals for these service providers a viable solution, but the information showed that the same practices could solve parking issues throughout the city of Montreal and make parking more convenient for all residents.

License plate readers are efficient tools for solving crimes and managing traffic, but these devices can provide essential data to solve other problems within cities and towns. Parking has become a major problem in cities like Montreal, especially for hospital workers, and a recent study has shown that data collection can solve issues within these locations and offer more convenience for workers. Find out more from a service provider about how useful these readers are in all cities.

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