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Having your own pet can be a magical experience. Holding a little ball in your hands, having those little legs run up to you excitedly, or not daring to move a single muscle when you are chosen as the ultimate pillow – it all makes up being a pet owner.

However, having a pet can also be a lot of responsibility. The welfare of something else relies entirely on you, and it is up to you to be able to provide what is needed for a happy and comfortable life.

This piece is going to take a look at what kind of welfare needs for your pet that you need to be keeping an eye on and how you can spot if something might not be right.

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1) The Best Health Possible 

Just as health is all we have, it is very much the same for animals too. Without good health, animals also suffer and live a diminished quality of life. The difference is that we are completely responsible for their health as they have no means of looking after themselves in the way we can.

It is up to you to make sure your pet is protected from any potential injury as much as possible – accidents do happen! You should also pay attention to any signals that your animals are suffering, as they are not able to directly communicate those issues. There could be changes in behavior, aggression or agitation, or you mind find they retreat into themselves. 

You also need to take your pet for regular veterinary check-ups, so you can make sure they are free from diseases or conditions that are not visible to the eye. Choose a trusted vet, such as Trail Crossing veterinary clinic and make sure to take out insurance to help with any payments. 

2) A Space for Natural Behavior 

It is crucial that your pet is able to behave as it would in the wild to have a full and happy life. For example, if you have a bird, make sure they have an adequate cage size and plenty of room to be able to fly every day. If you have a hamster, make sure they have as much space as possible to run and enough bedding to burrow in. If you have a dog, it is important they have the space to run freely and play. These natural behaviors are essential to your pet’s health and well-being, and it is up to you to provide them.

3) Proper Companionship 

Some animals need to live in pairs or more, and others need to be solitary. It is nothing short of cruel to have a happy and healthy animal in a cage alone when they require mates to be sociable. Animals such as rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits should all have one or more partners to spend their time with. It is just as important to house solitary species alone, such as hamsters, as putting them with others will result in disaster

4) An Adequate Diet 

Providing your pet with adequate nutrition and fresh water is essential. It is also important to take into account what stage of life they are in, what intolerances they might have, and if they require any special nutrition because of various issues. For example, some dogs need specialist nutrition because allergens in dog food can cause skin conditions

You also need to take into account a balance for their weight. Obesity in animals can cause a variety of issues, just like humans, and so can malnourishment. Keep an eye on their weight and mobility, and make sure that their diet is balanced.

5) The Right Environment 

All pets should be given the right environment that is as close to natural to them as possible. This does coincide with providing a space where they can behave naturally, but it is also important that it is safe and warm and that they have a comfortable place to rest that they can call their own. Much like humans, animals like their own space, so it is important that you can try to provide somewhere which does not need to be interrupted or encroached on. Make this a priority when getting your home ready for your pet.


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