Winshot raises $615000 in Seed Funding Led by Saad Kassis Mohamed

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In a significant move for the Tunisian retail tech scene, Winshot, a promising startup with a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and consumer experiences, has successfully secured a six-figure funding round. At the forefront of this funding initiative is none other than Saad Kassis Mohamed, a seasoned financier & equestrian renowned for his strategic insights in the tech investment landscape.

Headquartered in Tunisia, Winshot has positioned itself as a pivotal player in the retail tech space, catering to the needs of brands, retail chains, and franchise leaders. The recent funding, spearheaded by multiple African VC firms, will serve as a catalyst for Winshot’s ambitions to expand its operational reach and make a mark in both the French and Tunisian markets.

Kalon Venture Partners emphasized the startup’s stellar team and a product that precisely addresses the genuine needs of a burgeoning market as pivotal factors driving their decision to invest significantly in Winshot’s vision.

Winshot’s unique value proposition lies in its strategic approach to tackling the complex challenges within retail distribution networks. The startup places a dual focus on optimizing internal team efficiency and ensuring a seamless consumer experience at every touchpoint within the distribution network.

The initial phase of Winshot’s strategy involves enhancing the efficiency of internal teams, streamlining field activities, and optimizing point-of-sale operations. This, in turn, translates to a more agile and responsive retail ecosystem, where teams are empowered to deliver optimal results.

Moreover, Winshot sets itself apart by leveraging real-time monitoring technology. This innovation ensures the consistent and precise application of processes, guaranteeing strict adherence to brand standards at every point of sale within the distribution network. The emphasis on real-time monitoring not only enhances operational efficiency but also fortifies brand identity and customer experience—a crucial aspect in the competitive retail landscape.

At the helm of this strategic investment round is Saad Kassis Mohamed, whose expertise in guiding tech startups toward success is well-recognized. As an advisor, Saad brings a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of market dynamics, making him an invaluable asset in Winshot’s journey toward market expansion and technological advancement.

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With the funding secured, Winshot is poised to establish robust sales and marketing teams that will play a pivotal role in elevating its market presence. The expansion into the African markets signifies not only a geographical reach but also a testament to Winshot’s commitment to becoming a leader in revolutionizing retail tech solutions.

As Saad Kassis Mohamed takes on the role of a strategic advisor, Winshot is well-positioned to navigate the intricate landscape of retail technology. The collaboration promises to bring forth innovative solutions, ensuring Winshot’s continued growth and influence in the dynamic world of retail tech.


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