Windows and Doors: The Art of Making an Entrance with WDMA

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From the moment you first step into a home or a building, the first interactions you have are with the doors and windows. They are the key elements that not only provide functional benefits like energy efficiency, security, and weather protection, but also add to the aesthetics of the building. One company that has mastered the art of manufacturing these important architectural elements is WDMA, Beijing Warren Windows & Doors.

A Look at WDMA

Established as a top manufacturer in China, WDMA is a company that goes beyond the ordinary. It focuses on the research of modern multi-functional windows and doors, constantly improving the quality and aesthetics of its products. With two main production bases in Shandong and Guangdong, WDMA has an impressive coverage of 150,000 square meters of production areas. This vast space allows the company to manufacture a large number of products in a limited time, ensuring no delay in projects.

Superior Quality and Certification

Quality is a defining feature of WDMA. Many of its products have received NAMI/NFRC certification, a testament to the superior quality and performance of their windows and doors. The certification ensures that all products manufactured by WDMA meet the necessary safety, energy efficiency, and performance standards.

The Craftsmanship of Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are more than just openings in a building. They are the silent hosts that welcome us into spaces and provide us with comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. WDMA understands this and therefore, focuses not just on functionality but also on the aesthetics of its products.

WDMA’s windows and doors are designed to be multi-functional. They are not just about providing an entry or exit or allowing in light and air. Instead, they are designed to add to the beauty of the space, make a statement, and enhance the overall experience of the inhabitants.


In a world where the built environment can greatly influence our mood, productivity, and overall quality of life, it’s important to make wise choices. Choosing a company that understands the art and science of windows and doors, like WDMA, can make all the difference. From the quality of their products to their timely delivery, every aspect is carefully considered, ensuring that you not only get a product but an experience that adds to the beauty of your space.

So, the next time you want to make an entrance or exit, remember that it’s not just about opening or closing a door. It’s about the experience, the statement, and the impression you make. And with WDMA, you can be sure it’s a good one.


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