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Many people believe that Dubai, one of the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) hotspots, is the last place on earth they should visit. Even so, something is exciting about this city that will inevitably draw you in.

This is a magical place in the United Arab Emirates, with mega malls, some of the tallest buildings, and the largest artificial islands in the world.

Dubai is extremely hot in the summer, so the best months to visit are November to January when you can expect blue skies and picture-perfect beach weather.

When you visit Dubai, you’ll at once feel like you’re in Bangkok, Saigon in Vietnam, and even Delhi in India.

People who want to enter the UAE but are not eligible for visa-free entry or an on-arrival visa should apply for the UAE 30-day tourist visa. For 30 days, there are two different types of visit visas to the UAE: single entry and multiple entries.

If you will not be staying in the UAE for an extended period, the 30 day Single Entry UAE tourist visa is the best visa to obtain. Dubai Tourist visa fees for 30 days approximately 359 AED / 98 USD for single entry.

The 30-day Multiple Entry Tourist Visa allows you to leave and return to the UAE within 30 days using the same visa. Dubai Tourist visa fees for 30 days approximately 359 AED / 98 USD for single entry.

It is rapidly changing

This is truly a startup city. A new skyscraper is being built at any given time, and the skyline is constantly changing. The best part is that you can get in for free because the government is generally involved in the construction of these marvels.

Consider taking a walk (or driving) down Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road through Downtown Dubai, to admire the many high-rise modern structures. This is also the location of the Dubai World Trade Tower, whose observation deck is a less expensive alternative to the Burj Khalifa. Another attraction is Gold and Diamond Park, which is essentially a jewelry mall.

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Views of the city are impressive.

A city with so many skyscrapers will undoubtedly provide you with beautiful scenery. Dubai Frame, a stunning frame located in Zabeel Park that first opened in 2018, is the most recent addition to the city’s already impressive skyline. The Dubai Frame is 150 meters (492 feet) tall, and from there you can enjoy a 360-degree view spanning from the Arabian Gulf to the Arabian Desert dunes, all the way to Dubai Marina.

A 93-meter-long (305-foot-long) glass bridge with a 25-square-meter glass panel connects the two towers.

It’s incredibly diverse

It won’t take long for you to realize that Dubai is an incredibly diverse destination. People from all over the world fly in and out of here regularly. Furthermore, they work there because it is a major business hub. Dubai is the most culturally diverse city in the UAE, with cultures blending to give it a unique international flavor.

Delicious food

Speaking of flavors, did you know that Dubai’s food is delicious? In Dubai, you can eat whatever you want: Lebanese, Indian, French… you name it!

There is a lot of street food on Al Dhiyafah Road, so it isn’t as expensive as you might think – though if you want to engage in an expensive five-star restaurant, you won’t have any trouble finding one to suit your appetite. If you decide to visit Dubai, make sure to book a food tour – they are not expensive.

It’s a sand extravaganza

The desert dunes are among the most interesting places to visit in Dubai and the Emirates. Make sure to go on a desert safari, where you can ride buggies or camels. In the desert, you can drink mint tea, watch a belly dancing show, go sandboarding, and even get a henna tattoo.

But the beaches are also great

Did you know that beaches are some of the best places to visit in Dubai? Jumeirah Beach is more than just a beach: you can go parasailing there and enjoy a stunning view of Dubai and the man-made Palm Islands.

You can also rent a yacht to ride the coast and explore Dubai Marina.

It’s home to the best shopping

Whether you are a shopaholic or not, Dubai, like the rest of the Middle East, has plenty of shopping opportunities. It serves as the entrance to the Dubai Aquarium and the Burj Khalifa: there is an ice rink; it is a great place to eat because it is tightly packed with restaurants, and it hosts the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival each January and February.

But there’s more: in addition to the luxury brands of Dubai Mall, Dubai has a wide range of souks that you can buy at more than reasonable prices.

You can go to Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the city’s symbol and one of the most popular places to visit in Dubai. This is the world’s tallest building at the moment, standing at 829.8 meters (2723 feet).

In other words, if you’re going to Dubai, don’t skip it for any reason. The views from the Burj Khalifa are mind-blowing. Make your way to the 128th-floor Observation Deck for incredible bird’s-eye views of the city. If you enjoy photography, you should go at night.

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It’s easy to move around

This is a very easy city to explore. You will have the option of taking a taxi, but if you want something more affordable, you can depend on the many efficient buses, which are all air-conditioned.

You can also get around by bike, train, or boat. Finally, consider purchasing a hop-on hop-off bus pass to easily access all of the major attractions in town.

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