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It’s no secret that Instagram has become a powerful tool for building a personal brand. A billion people use the platform every month, which indicates a serious ROI potential. To get financial results, you need not just an audience, but a high level of its involvement: comments, views, likes, and other actions that prove that your content resonates with people. In this article, we’ll look at how to quickly generate initial results and accelerate promotion.

How to quickly raise activity on the profile?

The rapid growth of competition puts great pressure on young accounts, so recruiting initial activity becomes a difficult and energy-consuming process. Today, most people automate this task with the help of other companies and buy Instagram likes, comments, views, etc. 

This marketing tool allows you to create an influential profile packaging. High statistics indicate that the content is interesting, valuable, and has an impact on subscribers. As a result, a new audience retains more attention, immerses in content, performs target actions, and advertising campaigns bring greater conversion.

Second, a profile with high activity forms a powerful social proof trigger and accelerates sales. People are guided by the choice of the majority, which is why popularity in social networks is the key argument for the reliability and relevance of the brand.

Third, good involvement is a key factor in Instagram’s ranking algorithms. The higher the involvement, the more likely the content will move up the news feed, attracting more readers.

To lay a reliable foundation for promotion it’s important to delegate tasks only to professionals in this field. The reliability of such companies is determined by long-term work in the market, a large client base, and a lot of feedback. There you can buy real Instagram likes and other user reactions, eliminating the risk of negative consequences.

How to engage the audience with content?

On social media, it’s better to be sincere and responsive than flawless. Share content that goes beyond your brilliant marketing campaign and introduce your audience to the real people behind your brand. It could be behind-the-scenes footage in Instagram stories, captions that show a cheeky sense of humor, or that you take responsibility for all mistakes.

A great way to attract attention is to publish posts in a carousel format. Carousels generally have the highest average involvement rate of all post types. As a result, the algorithm re-proposes such posts to subscribers who didn’t show interest the first time, giving the publication a second or third chance to make an impression.

Publish video content. It’s easier for people to perceive a picture and sound than to study text on a screen. That’s why brands that use video format win over text-only conservatives.

Create easy-to-understand reference content on a variety of complex topics that are perfect for saving. To encourage users to come back to this content later, add calls to action.

To sum up, the purchase of activity metrics is a necessary element of any marketing strategy, which, if done correctly, will form a trusted impression and trigger the process of organic scaling.


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