Here is How You Can See Who Views Your Twitter Profile?

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Twitter is among the most powerful social media platform where millions of people come with numerous tweets and posts to entertain their viewers. 

Whether you are an influencer or a regular visitor of Twitter,  there may be a question that arises in your mind “Who viewed My Twitter”. Can you see who views your Twitter

Everything about what is happening on your Twitter profile, you want to know. Let’s explore about does Twitter show who viewed your profile.

Who Viewed my Twitter?

Is there any possible way to see who viewed your Twitter? 

The consistently growing influence of social media on our daily life measures our popularity, by the number of followers, likes to our posts, and retweets on our tweets.  

A number of theories arise around this question. Unlike any other social media network, the app does Twitter show who viewed your profile.

The flat answer is no. It is quite impossible to see who viewed my Twitter profile. However, there are many third-party apps that claim to use as an extension to see who views your profile on Twitter, but it is impossible to say who viewed your profile on Twitter, as Twitter makes it confidential for everyone, only Twitter analytics can see who viewed your profile. So, be aware to install these third-party apps to know who visited my Twitter account, as they may steal your personal information.

Can You See Who Views Your Twitter?

The answer is a big no. there is no such official method to see who visits on your profile, and who is searching for my profile on Twitter. You can see followers, likes, and comments on your tweets on your Twitter account. It doesn’t show any information about the people who have visited your profile, you just see the number of people that have visited your Twitter account.

Is it Possible to check who viewed Your Profile by Using any Other Applications?

Unfortunately, no there are not any other applications by using this you will be able to see who viewed your Twitter profile. It is kept fully confidential by Twitter analytics, that’s why you can not view your stalkers. Even you can stock anyone whom you want without the fear of being caught. 

Although there are some applications using which you can see engagement and rate of your profile, you can not know the information about stalkers.

The name of the two applications is Crowdfire and Hootsuite, using this application you can know your most popular posts and the number of visitors who gets in on your profile in one day. The users can choose any one of them to explore the engagement of your Twitter account.

How You Can See Who Views Your Twitter Profile?

However, there is not any certain way to see who views your profile on Twitter, but you can know some information on how many people viewed your Twitter Profile just

Follow the steps

  1. Log in to your Twitter account on any of your devices.
  2. Click on the “More” option on the top left corner of the screen
  3. Select the “Analytics” and it will redirect you to a Twitter analytics page
  4. Turn on the analytics option.
  5. That’s it! By this method, you can check the number of people visited on your profile.

Here you will see Tweets Impressions, profile visits, top Tweets, and photos that are noticed by someone.

Final Words: 

Hence, nobody can see who viewed your Profile on Twitter. All this seems interesting and somewhat useful if you are trying to see who viewed your Twitter profile. Nevertheless, no extensions and no applications can give you information about the visitors on your Twitter account.

Along with this, if you want to know how to allow sensitive content on Twitter then, you can read the given below article to change your twitter settings.



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