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Three psychological characteristics of people who are not good at making money

Some may wonder, “But is there any easy way to make money?” Thus, even if it is said that it does not exist, the cause of pursuing a method of making money lies in the person’s heart.

I have summarized three psychological characteristics of those who seek a way to make money and those who do not make money well.

Check it out as there may be something that applies to you as well.

  1. Want results in the short term

People who are wondering if it’s easy to make money can’t stand taking the time to get it.

The reason why there isn’t much information on the Internet that says “Let’s take the time to get the money” is because no one wants the information to get the money over time.

To tell the truth, “people who are good at making money = rich people” think about monogoto from a long-term perspective.

  1. Focusing on your own interests

The more people who don’t make money, the more they think about “how can I make a profit” and “how can I make more money” (Hi, this is actually me in the past).

That does not mean that you should think about “how you lose”.

It is important for you to provide value to the other person and receive money according to that value. If you think “it doesn’t matter if you give value to the other person” or “you get the money”, even if you can get the money for a moment, you can’t keep getting the money for a long time. ..

The situation will be worse than before the money was obtained, as most of the lottery winners will go bankrupt within a few years.

  1. I’m not confident in myself

The self-confidence I am talking about here is that I think “I don’t have the confidence to make (many) money” or “I can’t make money” (this is psychology). It is said that “self-efficacy is low”).

People who can’t think that they can make a lot of money even if it takes time will end up in a state of “2-1. They want results in the short term.”

If you read the autobiography of the business owner or listen to the lecture, you will find that the business owner who is successful in making money is full of self-confidence. And I’m really surprised because that confidence is unfounded.

As a result, no matter what mistakes you make or how long it takes, you can finally make money.

Also, if you think “I can’t make money well” or if I’m afraid to fail, I’ll be looking for an easy way to make money.

  • About dangerous ways to make money

You have to be careful because there are some ways to make money that you shouldn’t touch.

If you start them, it can have a negative impact on your future life.

From here, I will explain the dangerous ways to make money.

  • Gambling

Gambling is one of the most dangerous ways to make money.

There are various types of gambling in Japan, such as pachinko and horse racing, but basically, if the operating side does not make a profit, business cannot be established, so it is not always possible to win.

Pachinko and slots make the shop look prosperous, so you may hire a hitter (a bite that keeps hitting on a hit table), and you can earn money with such a bite.

In this case, about 50% of the balls that come out will be rewarded, but since it is a gray zone job, there is a possibility that fraudulent charges will be established.

If you are guilty of fraud, you may be fined or imprisoned, so this is a way to have a negative impact on your life.

  • Network Business

The following are network businesses as a dangerous way to make money.

The network business is a system that sells products and services to form a group, and returns a part of the sales of the product to oneself while creating lower members within the group.

Many people who make money with such a mechanism may solicit by forcible methods such as high-pressure solicitation or persistent chasing.

As a result, it is not uncommon to lose the trust of family and friends, and it is a business that often creates enemies.

Also, in the network business, the percentage of compensation changes depending on the sales of goods and services, so you may buy the goods yourself and have debts.

  • Name Lending

Another dangerous way to make money is to lend your name.

Name lending is a method of making a contract in your own name and lending it to another person.

For example, you can get paid by lending an unused bank account in your name.

However, since it may be used for money laundering of criminal organizations and transfer destinations for transfer fraud, you are basically involved in the crime.

If a name loan is discovered, your account will be frozen, and in some cases you may be guilty, so you should never do it as a way to make money.

Also, be careful about lending the name of your mobile phone.

Not only will you be involved in crimes such as wire fraud, but your credit information may also be damaged, so you may not be able to get a loan.


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