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Winter is coming! During winters hair loses its strength and becomes rough. The dry season leads to hair breakage and split ends. Unfortunately, due to the greenhouse effect, the minimum temperatures are dropping further year by year which is making our health and skin care routines a struggling job. So, while you remedy your hair related issues during this time, you have to be extra sure about applying the right products to avoid further damage. And since all hair care and colouring products have majorly chemical based ingredients, therefore, it becomes important that you switch to a natural hair dye. Coming to natural hair dyes, usually Henna is not considered best suited for the winter months because the substance is cold and it can easily give you a cough. In this discussion we are laying down the ground rules as to how to work with a natural hair dye like Henna or Indigo powder during winters to get the best colouring results. The mixtures we are discussing can be made instantly with ingredients that are easily found at home. 

  1. Pour some coconut oil in a bowl according to your hair length (you might need to heat the coconut oil a bit because it freezes during winters, also, make sure to apply immediately before it freezes again). Then add 1 tbsp henna powder or indigo hair color to it. Mix them well. Take the mixture in your fingertips and apply it properly on the roots of your hair and over the grey hair. Wear gloves to avoid stains. Leave it for two to three hours. Then rinse it off using any shampoo and conditioner. This natural hair dye will be absolutely helpful during the winters and it will not give you a cold.
  2. Heat a small pan (kadhai). Iron pan is recommended for getting darker tones. Add dry Amla according to your hair length into the pan and heat it till it’s completely black. Once turned black, add some water to it and let it boil. When the Amla is soft, turn off the heat and let it cool. Put the Amla into a mixer, add some hibiscus flowers to it and make a paste..This natural hair dye will help in making your hair grow thick, strong and long while enhancing your natural hair colour.
  3. The next natural hair dye remedy is coffee. Take some hair conditioner. Add 1 tbsp of instant coffee powder to the hair conditioner (use organic coffee powder as others might have chemicals). Mix it. Add some brewed coffee to the mixture and mix it well. Apply it on your hair and scalp and leave it for 1 hour. Rinse the color with water and some Apple Cider Vinegar. This will give you a dark texture and won’t cause you any kind of irritation or side effects. For darker textures add some cocoa powder to the mixture. 

You can use these mixtures weekly without any fear of damage as everything is natural. In fact, even your premature hair will become dark on repeated applications of these concoctions. Being semi-permanent hair dyes you can repeat these processes for two consecutive days for best results. But don’t ever go for chemical based hair dyes during winters as they might cause you skin allergies, respiratory problems or some other long-term harm. These toxic chemicals also massively harm the environment. A natural hair dye will not only give you a good rich hair color but it will also benefit your hair in the long run. 


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