When to go to a Neurologist for a Headache?

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A headache once in a while is not a serious issue and will likely get resolved on its own. But for clinical headaches that happen four to five times a month, you should visit the ​​best neurologist in Delhi. The neurologist will diagnose your headache and advise you on its best treatment. You will understand the underlying cause of your tension, migraine, or sinus headache and get effective treatment.

When Should You Go to The Neurologist?

Here are five key instances where you should go to the neurologist to treat your headache:

1. You Have Headaches That Occur Frequently

You can have headaches occasionally, but if they occur more than four times a month, it could be something severe. The reason behind this could be an illness, a tumour, or a spinal or brain injury. Your neurologist will conduct tests and diagnose the reason for your recurring headache. Then, they will help you find the proper treatment so you can cure whatever is causing the headache. You regularly take headache medications.

If you take frequent medication for your headaches, it could lead to something more severe. These medicines can make your headache worse over time and damage your kidneys and liver. You must visit a neurologist if you take more headache medication than usual.

2. Your Experience Seizures And Blurred Vision 

If seizures and blurred vision accompany your headache, it could be a secondary headache. This means the underlying cause of the headache is more harmful, like a brain injury or a rupture. Therefore, you must immediately contact the best neurologist in Delhiwho will conduct tests to figure out what’s wrong. 

3. Your Headache Gets More Severe With Activity 

If your headache increases in frequency with any activity you perform, you need to see a neurologist. This could indicate some injury in your spine or body and needs immediate treatment immediately. Any delay could harm your health, so you must go to the neurologist as soon as possible. 

4. Your Headache Affects Your Speech 

If you cannot speak properly due to a headache, you must book an appointment with a neurologist. This could indicate a tumour or brain injury and needs correct diagnosis. The neurologist will perform several tests to ascertain the cause of the headache. 

Some More Symptoms 

Besides this, there are a few more reasons you should go to your neurologist for a headache:

  1. If one part of your body becomes paralysed or is in pain after a headache, it could be an early symptom of a brain tumour, and the neurologist will have to conduct an MRI.
  2. A headache lasting more than two days at a stretch, could indicate something more severe.
  3. You have a head injury and experience severe headaches. This needs proper diagnosis and treatment to cure it.
  1. If you are over 50 and have chronic and secondary headaches, you need more specialised treatment. Secondary headaches are also deadly as they could result from a stroke.

What Should You Tell Your Neurologist?

When you visit your neurologist for the diagnosis and treatment, you should inform them of the following:

  • Your medical records include any past ailments and illnesses.
  • The details of your headache and its severity, as well as the frequency.
  • Let them know if any noise or sound impacts your headaches.
  • Tell them when you get headaches and at what time of the day.
  • You should also inform them if your headaches occur during your menstrual cycle.
  • Note down the times you have experienced blind spots and blurry vision due to a headache. 
  • The food or drinks you had before and when you had a headache.
  • What you were doing at the time of the headache.
  • Any past headache diagnosis and treatments.

Tests Conducted By Neurologists

Based on the reason and the above information, your neurologist will conduct some tests on you. These include:

  • EEG- Electroencephalogram or EEG monitors your brain waves. This helps diagnose brain tumours, swelling, head injury and seizures.
  • CT Scan- A CT scan will check for any injuries in your neck and head. This will help determine if a tumour, spinal injury, bleeding or structural issues is causing your headache.
  • MRI- An MRI scans the internal structure of your body and is one of the best ways to diagnose brain tumours.
  • X-ray – Your neurologist will conduct an X-ray to see if any sinus injuries are causing your headache.
  • Urinalysis- A urinalysis will help determine if you have any infection that could be causing the headache.


It is very important to go see a neurosurgeon doctor if you have any of the conditions mentioned above. This will help the best neurologist in Delhi diagnose your problem and help you treat it effectively. 

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