What is forbidden during Umrah?

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There are quite a few suggestions regarding the Umrah packages you should be aware of before departing on your Umrah journey. First and foremost, one ought to dedicate some time to remembering Allah Ta’ala and His Messenger (P.B.U.H). Hug loved ones, ask for their forgiveness, and request them to say a prayer.

Unlike Hajj, which must be done during the 5 days from the 9th to the 13th of Dhul Al-Hijjah, the lunar calendar, Umrah can be done at any time of the year. Every year or month, about seven million individuals travel to Mecca and Medina, two holy towns, to carry out the Hajj or Umrah ceremonies.

We might state that it is a well-known fact that seeing the Kaaba more than once in one’s lifetime is the goal of every Muslim. Umrah pilgrimage offers an experience that transforms your life and has a lasting effect because it transforms you spiritually. Thus, to facilitate your trip to the Kaaba, undertake numerous religious and mental preparations before to your Umrah.

Importance of Ihram

A common question is, “What is the legal status of Ihram?”. It is so that all Muslims can conduct the Hajj and Umrah ceremonies, which require them to enter Ihram, a divine state. Every person traveling to Makkah for the Hajj is required to wear an Ihram, which is ceremonial clothes either for Hajj or lesser pilgrimage.

Wearing an Ihram, which is designated as ceremonial clothes for the Hajj, is mandatory for every person making the journey to Makkah, whether they are greater or smaller. A pilgrim dons a garment and performs a few purifying rituals before entering the state.

The pilgrims’ total equality is facilitated by the wearing of ihrams. It is impossible to distinguish between the rich and the poor because of the straightforwardness and regularity of Ihram.

Furthermore, pilgrims worry more about developing a sound heart—something Allah values more than outward appearance—when they overcome the temptations of vanity.

What is the appearance of ihram clothing?

Muslims wear distinct states of Ihram when it comes to attire. Two unstitched sheets of white fabric without seams, buttons, or hems make up a man’s Ihram outfit. The upper body, including the shoulders, is covered with one of these garments, known as a rida (one shoulder is left uncovered when performing tawaf). The remaining half of the fabric, referred to as Izar, is wrapped around the waist and wraps the region from the navel to the feet.

Remember that all apparel on the body is covered by the ban on unfinished clothing. It means that regardless of how often you wear underwear, caps, or socks, you are not even allowed to wear any of those things. You have to wear shoes that show your toes and ankles.

A loose robe called an ihram covers the entire body of a woman. Since it covers every inch of their body, this might be their go-to outfit. This means that while their ihram may have buttons or seams, the clothing can only be black or white. Females are also not allowed to cover their hands with their heads or cover their faces with a niqab or burqa. Their footwear should cover their entire foot.

Although Ihram attire looks like this, wearing these items alone would not bring you into the state of Ihram. You must also declare your wish to be Ihram.

Your child must wear ihram clothes if you want to bring them to Umrah. You will have to express your intent on the child’s behalf if they are too young. Thus, it is your responsibility to enforce the Ihram rules on your child as their guardian.

Permitted ihram acts

Certain additional restrictions are placed on believers that would normally make them permitted when they leave the state of Ihram. If a lot of people become confused and mistakenly believe that some actions that are allowed are forbidden. Although in the Ihram, you can safely engage in the following activities:

  • Carrying important items like cash, a passport, and additional paperwork on you with a belt that has pockets.
  • Make use of fragrance-free soaps for washing.
  • Having a bath. But you have to be mindful not to use scented products or do anything that makes your hair fall out.
  • Killing or butchering any animal that poses a threat to you, including cows, snakes, scorpions, and so forth.

After you enter the ihram state, what is prohibited?

Entering the Ihram makes the following actions illegal:

Applying fragrance (this includes using shampoo and soap with fragrance).

Women covering their faces with hand gloves, men covering their heads with a cap; Men wearing any kind of stitched clothing; 

  • Cutting hair, 
  • Trimming nails; 
  • getting married; 
  • Having sex; 
  • Hunting animals; felling trees; 
  • killing insects (unless they are a threat to you)
  • Smoking or using drugs; 
  • Getting into arguments or fights

By this moment, you must be aware of both what Ihram is and how to follow its norms while choosing December Umrah packages. Before embarking on the spiritual journey, consult a legitimate Islamic scholar if you have questions. 


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