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Watch football, basketball and other sports live on official channels.

Forget about repeats. Watch live, watch safely.

No more “must see it live” – ​​just be there. With Youth Citizenship, you can watch broadcasts of sports events online on official channels. It’s like a front row seat at every game. If streaming service is unavailable in your region, simply hop over to a secure VPN server that allows you to watch.

Imagine a live broadcast of the legendary match of 2012 between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Remember how Ronaldo runs past Barcelona’s desperate defense and makes history with the shot on target. Feel your heart pound as the crowd roars. Live sports streaming will allow you to be there, no matter where you are at the moment.

Why do you need a VPN to broadcast live sports events?

Run world flags marathon anywhere

Watch matches from anywhere, anytime

Don’t have access to official broadcasts of important competitions while traveling? You don’t have to agree to watch the most important parts of the game on local TV. With Youth Citizenship, you can enjoy streaming services and watch live sports events in your country wherever you are.

Watch sports broadcasts with private and secure access

Share your passion for sports with your friends, not malware. Without a VPN, the data you transfer when connecting to unsecured networks, including public Wi-Fi, is vulnerable. Youth Citizenship protects your online activity by allowing you to safely watch online sports broadcasts in a coffee shop, hotel, or airport lounge.

Support your favorite team

Official sports broadcasts not only provide the best experience, but also support the sports world. Subscriptions and ad revenue power the licenses, infrastructure and professional media offering. With Youth Citizenship, you can continue to use official sources, even while on the go.

Free streaming sites are not free at all

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Some sites claim to offer free live sports broadcasts. Don’t be fooled – there is a catch behind this bait. On these types of sites, live sports broadcasts often go hand in hand with malware and pop-ups.

Plus, you get exactly what you pay for. Most of them are only available in low definition to save on bandwidth, and the game is interrupted by dubious advertisements every few minutes. To access the match, you often have to go through a dozen dangerous redirects.

Best Live Sports Streaming with Youth Citizenship

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The fastest VPN on the market

Accessing broadcasts is no consolation if you end up watching a blurry slide show. No worries. Our solid facilities enable you to stream at the highest possible speed, giving you the best sports experience in the world.


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