VEIR Welcomes the New Year With New Office and Expanded Superconducting Technology Development Space

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WOBURN, Mass.–(commercial enterprise wire)–VEIR, a new superconducting electric transmission organization, welcomes the brand new yr with new office and era development area in Woburn, Massachusetts. VEIR is growing the subsequent technology electric powered transmission strains that use liquid nitrogen to chill superconducting substances that can flow 5-instances the amount of energy as traditional copper or aluminum wires. The technology comes at a time whilst major research indicate that the us need to double or triple the amount of transmission capability the u . s . needs to attach more renewable strength to the electrical grid and fight weather trade. VEIR’s new space encompasses 13,000 square toes. It consists of eleven,000 square feet of laboratory area with a 24-foot ceiling and a footprint long enough to allow the installation of take a look at beds of a couple of-hundred toes in length. the brand new area will assist to boost up VEIR’s technical checking out and the deployment of its superconductors to the grid.

This location fits our needs flawlessly,” said VEIR’s chief technology Officer, Tim Heidel. “in this area we’ve got the room to run lengthy take a look at beds in which we can show and ideal the overall performance of our lines. once we reveal that the era works right here within the lab, we will then quickly circulate the gadget into the field to demonstrate of ways it works whilst connected to the electrical grid.”

VEIR tasks that use of its new superconductors will resource inside the siting and permitting of recent electric transmission lines – an growing venture to the needed enlargement of the electrical grid. “the usage of VEIR’s superconductors will reduce the physical footprint and environmental impact of latest transmission strains,” stated VEIR’s leader government Officer Adam Wallen. “With VEIR’s superconducting traces electric powered utilities and other transmission organizations can use their existing rights-of-way to transport five instances the amount the electricity without expanding the width of the proper-of-way or using taller transmission towers. From a sensible attitude that ought to make siting and permitting less complicated.”

VEIR intends to have an respectable ribbon-slicing beginning of its new facility within the second zone of 2022. The corporation employs a dozen human beings and expects to double that quantity within the next yr.

VEIR, Inc. ( was founded in 2020. it’s far funded by way of breakthrough energy Ventures, Congruent, and The Engine. It closed collection A funding of $12M in March 2021.


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