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The kotak net banking is simpler, smarter, as well as a very intuitive platform for all the banking operations than ever before. You can use the redesigned the kotak online digital banking operations with one stop new platform of banking, where you can view your account information and download the statements for your account as well, you can pay the bills, place all the types of the service requests, track the whole system, and also manage the investments and can do much more things over the same platform. 

In fact, the kotak net banking has an intelligent and user friendly interface, which helps in making the whole process simpler, more intuitive, and also personalised banking experience for the person. 

Here are some new features of the net banking operations of the kotak bank:

  1. Simple login and passwords generating process

The Kotak bank net banking operations is a very simplified and also a very easy platform and portal to be used by the people all across the globe. You as a customer can use the platform and also can login and generate the passcodes with the simple C.R.N., username, card number, as well as the passcodes. You can simply do the whole process and make and create user accounts and Passwords on the platform.

  1. Based on the one page banking 

The whole of the kotak net banking platform and portal is based on the one page banking, which is being introduced by the bank in order to make the lives easy of the customers easy by keeping all the relationships and the rest of the things of online banking in the single page view. This simply means that you as a customer can view all the relationships and also the complete data of your account in a single page.

  1. Managing account is convenient 

Managing the account over the kotak online banking is considered to be very easy and convenient. You can do anything and everything in the settings of the platform such as accounts settings, cards, profile, security preferences, as well as much more. 

  1. Viewing and downloading the statements 

You can also view as well as download the statements over the platform, which will provide you all your banking needs be it the account details and information, or be it anything else in the financial year or in the calendar year in the world. Here all the statements of the account are available to be downloaded by the account holder in just a few clicks and with full convenience.

  1. Notifications are sent to keep you updated 

Some major updates and important notices are being sent to the person by sending them push notifications and messages in order to keep them updated and also aware about all the things going on in the world. Also, a new section has been made on the kotak net banking portal where the offers given by the bank, insights of the accounts and bank details, and also normal and important communication is being done for your in the personalised way and manner.

  1. Effective navigation 

All the products as well as all the services, which are being provided by the Kotak bank are being mentioned and listed in the left sided menu with an arranged and intuitive way in order to make the navigation and usage struggle free and convenient.

  1. Shortcuts are personalised

You can also make the shortcuts over the platform and also on the application in a personalised manner, which will be there on the home screen in order to access them in a single step. 

  1. Emergency message is there 

In order to report or highlight any kind of fraud and uneven activity over the platform or your account then you can simply flag it up in the emergency message in the application and platform such as loss of the card, or stopping any of the cheque.

  1. Account balance 

Checking the account balance is simple and convenient for anyone and everyone in the world. Verifying the recent and last transactions is also one of the major features of checking and updating the account balance over the kotak net banking. 

  1. Profile section 

You can also revamp the profile section of yours and you can also view and edit the same as per your convenience to a particular extent over the online banking portal.

  1. Service requests 

There is a proper and consolidated page of the list down for all the requests that are available in the kotak net banking portal over the internet. There you can manage and drop all the types of the service requests.

  1. Brilliant onboarding experience 

There is a very brilliant and also a very wonderful onboarding system and process for the person where the kotak bank provides all the necessities and services to the new customers in order to make them able to get used to the platform and personalise the net banking experience of the customer as an overall.

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Here are some benefits of using the kotak net banking portal:

  1. It works 24×7 anytime and anywhere.
  2. The security of the platform is too strong.
  3. You can view all the accounts of kotak with similar phone numbers at one place itself.
  4. Online regeneration of the passwords and user ID unlock instantly is there.
  5. You can transfer the funds online between any of the third party accounts either with Kotak Mahindra Bank, or any other bank account via the N.E.F.T., R.T.G.S., or I.M.P.S. channel.
  6. You can add or create a Fixed as well as a Recurring Deposit over the kotak net banking.
  7. You can simply View and update your Profile details such as email ID, PAN Card , Aadhaar Number, F.A.T.C.A. Declaration, etc. over kotak net banking platform instantly with just a few clicks.
  8. You can apply for a New Debit Card.


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