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It is tough to edit a PDF document. Editing, changing, or moving PDF content is included in this task. To do this, we’ll need to utilize an app with the greatest editing tools and the ability to make changes fast and easily.

There are not too many free PDF editors available. The majority of them are pricy and complicated to use. That’s why we’ve picked the best free PDF editor – UPDF to provide you with everything you need. You can be bewildered while seeking the best free PDF editing software because there are so many possibilities. If you’re in that situation, you’ve come to the perfect place.

We tested many PDF editors before settling on the UPDF PDF editor. Take a look at some of its most appealing features: It lets you open and edit any sort of PDF file and save it in its original format. The program is easy to use and inexpensive when compared to other PDF editors we investigated. For converting PDFs to editable Word documents, the UPDF is a good choice. When it comes to annotating PDFs, UPDF is the tool you need.

  1. Free Text and Image Editing in PDF

You may use the UPDF editor to alter a PDF document, which enables you to modify, remove, restructure, copy, and paste texts. You can pick a specific font for uniformity across all PDF documents rather than using the default defaults. You may also change the text’s color size, style, font, alignment, and formatting as needed.

You can also edit, rotate, crop, extract, and replace images in PDF, as well as add and delete images from PDF. It also allows you to drag and drop an image to insert it or replace an old image. As to the usage of UPDF, you can edit your PDF resume with it.

  1. Annotate PDF Files with Multiple Tools

UPDF allows customers to view, read, and annotate PDF documents. The capability to create and manage bookmarks for faster navigation and the usage of “Tabbed view” to open and read many PDFs at once are two of the app’s best features. UPDF also allows users to display the PDF as a Slideshow.

UPDF is a powerful PDF annotator, which allows you to add text boxes to the page, highlight texts, insert sticky notes, and add rectangles, lines, arrows, and circles to unclear areas of the document. It also has a lot of stamps and stickers, which is a rare and useful feature in a PDF editor.

If you have a PDF form or contract needed to be signed, UPDF also provides a signature tool to help you create and add signatures to the PDF.

  1. Convert PDFs to Other File Formats

UPDF also helps in PDF conversion. Unlike other tools, UPDF is an all-in-one solution, and it offers many useful features including converting PDF documents.

UPDF supports the conversion from PDF to the following file formats:

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV
  • HTML, XML, RTF, Text

UPDF has the OCR feature and you can convert scanned PDF to Word or other types of documents (searchable and editable formats) with it. What you need to do is to turn on the Text Recognition Settings. The conversion with UPDF is fast and accurate.

  1. Manage and Sort PDF Pages

Editing and organizing PDF pages has never been easier with UPDF. You may rearrange, insert, extract, replace, rotate, or delete PDF pages with a single click. You may quickly change the orientation of your PDF with this editor. Inserting a new page into your PDF file is also easy to do with UPDF.

You can also replace a page or several pages with another PDF file. To make some pages as separate PDF documents, you can use the “Extract” option.

It’s never been easier to edit and organize PDF files. UPDF is a complete PDF solution to help you out. Let’s introduce the advantages of UPDF again.

  • It’s easy to use and the UI is simple and straightforward, with all tools clearly shown.
  • With a single click, you may rearrange, rotate, extract, remove, or extract PDF pages.
  • With this editor, you may rapidly alter and edit the texts and images of your PDFs.
  • With the UPDF Editor, you can make your PDFs simpler to read and more structured.
  • With only one click, you may convert PDF documents to other formats.
  • Advanced annotation features to let you collaborate and review PDF documents easily.

We’ve highlighted some of the fundamental capabilities of the UPDF in this article. In the future, we’ll include more complex features like OCR (the ability to detect text in scanned documents), creating and filling PDF forms, signing PDF with digital signature, redact PDF to hide sensitive information, and so on. Free download UPDF now to start using it.


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