Unscratch The Surface: The Ultimate Solution to Your Scratched Glass Woes

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The Problem with Scratched Glass

In the realm of aesthetics and structural integrity, scratched glass poses a significant problem. Whether it’s your office’s glass curtain walls, high-rise windows, or custom glass panels, even the slightest scratch can mar the beauty of these structures. Moreover, replacing these structures is not only costly but disruptive. Enter Unscratch The Surface, a company that has been revolutionizing the glass scratch removal industry for over a decade and a half.

A Pioneer in the Industry

Unscratch The Surface Inc. is the preferred choice for commercial glass restoration projects. With 16+ years under our belt, we specialize in resurfacing tempered glass panels, curtain walls, high-rise glass windows, and undertaking custom glass scratch removal projects. We offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to all your scratched glass problems without the need for glass replacement.

An Unparalleled Process

We stand apart from our competitors due to our innovative glass scratch removal process. This process, which we invented, has been tried but never successfully duplicated by others. By continuously adapting our abrasives and polishing products, we have optimized the speed of resurfacing glass and improved the quality of the total restoration process.

The Unscratch The Surface Advantage

Choosing Unscratch The Surface means choosing quick, flawless, and superior glass resurfacing results. Instead of resorting to pre-made abrasive and polishing discs, we adapt our abrasives and polishing products to suit the task at hand. This adaptability allows us to deliver superior results in less time.

A Call to Action

If you find yourself grappling with a scratched glass issue, look no further. Unscratch The Surface is committed to providing the fastest, most flawless, and best glass resurfacing results possible. We invite you to experience the Unscratch The Surface difference and say goodbye to unsightly glass scratches once and for all.

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The Future of Glass Scratch Removal

As we continue to innovate and refine our processes, we look forward to setting new standards in the glass scratch removal industry. The future is clear, and it’s free of scratches – that’s the Unscratch The Surface promise.


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