Tuberculosis and COVID: Can There Be Some Associations

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Since WHO declared coronavirus infection 2019 (COVID-19) as a pandemic, we have witnessed the virus disrupting our lives all over the world and affecting people everywhere in the present. The long period of social isolation has altered how people live their lives.
Although it continues to change and generate multiple waves of infections and sporadic outbreaks of infection, it continues to be a major risk to humanity all over the world. Even with a huge global effort to vaccinate billions of people, scientists aren’t certain of what’s the next time around.

The COVID virus continues to find ways into daily lives. Check for it if you suspect you are suffering from symptoms. Book COVID RT-PCR here.

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The symptoms of affected people tend to be limited to the respiratory tract with a sore throat, fever, and body ache becoming frequent. A few individuals are in a state of apathy or have slight abdominal discomfort. Studies have revealed that in the majority of people who are symptomatic and those who have recovered from mild signs, the disease stays located in the respiratory tract’s upper part, and rarely reaches the lung. In the lung, the virus targets epithelial cells of type 2, causing the gas exchange to be disrupted and leading to oxygen depletion within the body. Yet, why certain individuals are affected by the pulmonary stage of illness or suffer from massive cytokine disorders while others are able to get away with less severe forms of illness isn’t fully known.


Since COVID-19 is characterized by primary breathing symptoms, it is important to keep another tuberculosis-related airborne illness in the forefront of your mind. Both are respiratory diseases and exhibit common symptoms, such as weight loss, fever, and sore throat, which means that, at times, distinguishing tuberculosis signs from COVID-19 symptoms becomes difficult.

Are you convinced that your chronic cough is caused by exposure to TB bacteria? Get a Genexpert exam and eliminate any doubts.

In addition to the many characteristics that are similar in the presence of both diseases, they are also impacted by the same social determinants such as overcrowding insufficient hygiene, and the presence of comorbidities. Therefore, we must be aware of the symptoms and treatment for TB in mind when we treat COVID-19 patients. A few studies have shown that patients suffering from TB aren’t just more likely to contract COVID-19 but are at risk of adverse COVID results. So it becomes essential to recognize both distinct clinical entities, even though both impact the lungs.

However, they’re distinct tests that are the treatment for tuberculosis entirely distinct from procedures for managing COVID-19 with different clinical outcomes. Treatment for TB may involve taking several medications over six to twelve months and must be adhered to the prescribed schedule. The diagnosis of TB has seen a significant shift, and Genexpert MTB isis the most frequently used testing. 

The Genexpert test is an automated, advanced genetic method for diagnosing TB with relatively low amounts of blood samples over a limited time. It’s not only a quick diagnosis but also offers information on the resistance to rifampicin, which is why it’s also known as the MTB rif often. Genexpert’s TB test detects dead and live tuberculosis bacteria and differentiates them from non-tubercular bacteria. Since global efforts are likely to divert to fight this disease, it is anticipated to have immense and long-lasting effects on global targets for tuberculosis treatment and, as a result, thousands of cases will remain undiagnosed worldwide. Are you looking to book an appointment and find out the cost of the TB test best price?

Some researchers and experts have recommend routinely screening for TB when there are confirmed or suspect cases of COVID-19 in nations with a high TB burden. It is crucial to ensure that the world doesn’t turn its back on TB in the midst of the pandemic.

Since TB continues to be the leading fatality worldwide it is essential that efforts are divert to avoid the diagnosis of these cases using tuberculosis tests, as well as offering support to existing cases.

Take a little extra care
ThoughCOVID can cause due to a virus, and TB result from a bacterium and the chance of both is reduced with the following simple steps:

Excellent air circulation in the residential zone as well as indoors
Maintain your personal hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose while you cough or sneeze. This reduces the transmission of bacteria
Take a blood test and talk to your doctor if you suspect symptoms.


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