Top 5 Under Developing Cities of Pakistan

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Several under-developing cities are present in the country, and the developers are looking to make them suitable and livable places for all the nearby residents. Moreover, the developing cities are showing progress in the country. However, the increased rate of urbanization has become the leading cause of poverty in the country. And to curb this issue, the development work in the country is mandatory. And Real estate development can bring significant change to the country.

Top 5 Under Developing Cities of Pakistan

People typically shift from rural to urban for better living conditions. Therefore, infrastructure development in underdeveloped cities is the need of the hour. Lastly, the list of the cities is as follows:


Burewala is a city in Punjab which has been developing fast. As a result, several housing schemes are also growing to offer the best living standards to the people of the Burewala. Moreover, the most significant housing project developing in the country is the Burewala Garden, Royal Garden Burewala. All these housing projects have residential plots with maximum features to provide investors with a comfortable and peaceful living space like the New Metro City Gujar Khan. However, the development pace will increase the worth of the city shortly.


Kharan is a city in Balochistan that requires urgent development. Moreover, one of the lowest human development indicators is here, which indicates that development here is the need for the hour. Furthermore, the land is mainly a desert with minimal infrastructure projects. The site is famous for its mountainous desert. The area has a lot of potential for the tourism industry. Therefore, the government has to play its role in offering the best living conditions to the people there. And also, the government can generate a handsome amount of money by bringing up the city’s infrastructure development.


Mastung is another city in Balochistan that requires developmental projects to bring the best benefits forward for everyone. Moreover, the city is famous for its parks and the apple orchard. Therefore, focusing on these departments can get great monetary help for all the individuals and the country. Thus, the government and the private sectors can invest here and develop the infrastructure development work. Lastly, the vast area can also allow the developers to create magnificent housing schemes like the Prime Valley.


Bhakkar is a famous city in Punjab with a vast population. Moreover, the site is notable for producing the Karna oil from the Karna flower. And not only this but the oil is also exported to the middle east. That, in return, also boosts the economy of the country. Ex-chief minister Punjab has also offered a fantastic budget to complete the development projects in the city. Furthermore, under the Naya Pakistan Manzalain Asaan project, the city is developing on the fast track. Moreover, the previous government has started Naya Pakistan Housing Schemes and projects to offer the best living conditions at inexpensive rates, such as the Kingdom Valley.


Topi is the city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Moreover, the land has a lot of potential for growth and development. The location is west of the Tarbela Dam, the earth’s largest earth-filled Dam. The nearby historical sites include the Taxila. Therefore, the worth of the place is high. The infrastructure development in housing schemes is necessary to bring significant investment here. And it will contribute to boosting the economic status of the country. Therefore, developers throughout the country can invest here.


The under-developing cities are in the blog. Moreover, these cities are famous with some strong backgrounds, but the development work is necessary to enhance the worth of the location. Furthermore, the government and private sector can play a pivotal role here. Not only to improve the citizens’ lives but also for economic growth.

The development of real estate endeavours can increase the worth and living potential in Pakistan’s under-developing cities. However, we have seen that the previous government has shown tremendous growth in the real sector, such as Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. And projects like these can help increase the worth of these cities from underdeveloped to developed cities. Lastly, Property Saga can guide you to the right real estate investment opportunities. So do visit their website.


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