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Strong internal controls must be maintained by every business. Unfortunately, weak or frequently used passwords used by employees are the main source of data breaches.

Fortunately, a reliable best password managers for business can assist you in managing and safeguarding your business communications and login information. Finding the finest password manager for your type of business, however, can be very difficult.

I looked for the top password managers for all types of businesses for a few weeks. I spent a lot of time researching and came up with the top 5 password managers for businesses. The other solutions on this list also provide comparable features, but 1Password came out on top.

  •  1Password

For all kinds of organizations, 1Password is the top password manager. My team was able to rapidly handle our digital items, workflow communications, and payments because to its many capabilities and app integrations. My IT team found it simple to set up and integrate 1Password with many services. All of our team members may be invited to join the team on 1Password so they could receive automated posts and notifications.

I also enjoy how simple it was to set up various safe vaults (both public and private) to store firm assets and give specific individuals access to them. As a result, we were able to establish separate vaults for the accounts team and our marketing team. I could grant access and permissions to certain team members as an admin, enabling them to access particular vaults and resources. I also get to keep an eye on every employee’s activity.

  • Personal and Team Vaults for Each User with Dashlane

Businesses can benefit from Dashlane’s outstanding password manager. Its user-friendly admin console and app make onboarding my team members a breeze. Each team member has access to a wealth of tools, such as dark web monitoring to look for credentials that have been leaked, a password health dashboard to keep track of weak and frequently used passwords, and a sharing center where users may exchange private information. Additionally, Dashlane provides team and personal vaults for business accounts that are protected by the accepted AES-256 bit encryption.

  • The best auto-filling feature for businesses is RoboForm.

An outstanding password manager that excels at auto-filling websites is RoboForm. RoboForm will be beneficial to all businesses, small and large. I had no trouble integrating new team members. Users can be added manually or by importing a CSV file including each team member’s email address.

  • A great password manager for team communications is Keeper.

All of your company logins are secured with Keeper, and team members may communicate securely. Because of its zero-knowledge security architecture, none of your company’s trade secrets can be revealed to anyone you have not given permission for, not even Keeper staff. Both the IT team’s onboarding process and the team members’ utilization of it were simple.

  • Multiple Options for Securing Company Data with LastPass

Businesses can manage team members using the user-friendly dashboard provided by LastPass. Each employee is given access to their own safe vault where they may generate, save, auto-fill, and share passwords. Onboarding new team members and allocating the functionalities required for various employee positions was really simple for my IT staff. I had no trouble setting up shared folders and groups for marketing and HR as an admin for all of our departments. In the event that employee passwords were stolen from the dark web, I was also able to monitor them.

The Best Password Managers for Businesses in 2022: How I Tested and Rated Them
Strong security – In order to handle our company logins securely, my team and I only selected enterprise password managers with first-rate security features like AES-256 bit encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of security, and zero-knowledge policies.

Easy onboarding and integrations – I made sure the enterprise password managers we chose are simple for all of our employees to use and feature a variety of apps and integrations, such as single sign-on (SSO) for a simple login process. Top-notch features — I gave password managers fundamental and advanced features that are appropriate for all business kinds of top priority.
Admin Controls – I concentrated on locating password managers that provide sophisticated reporting, security reports, adaptable security policies, safely access the dark web and various employee permission levels.
Value for money — Even though the majority of enterprise password managers are expensive, the chosen password managers’ features should make up for the cost. Furthermore, all of the password managers on this list include free trials so that your team may determine whether the features are suitable for your company’s needs before committing.

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