Things You Should Know About Real and Man-Made Diamonds

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There is a big debate on which diamond to purchase – real or lab diamonds. Real diamonds are obtained from the earth’s crust naturally. On the other side, diamonds made in the lab by accessing the similar structure and compound of the real diamond are man-made or synthetic diamonds.

Keep in mind that lab diamonds are not synthetic because it looks identical to natural diamond. It has the properties of natural diamonds, and the major difference is that man-made diamonds are grown in the lab. A perfect alternative to lab-grown and natural diamonds is synthetic diamonds.

Different between lab-created and natural diamonds 

Natural and lab-created diamonds differ majorly in how they are made. But, other qualities such as rarity, resale value, price, and desirability play a vital role in differentiating natural and lab-created diamonds. Look at below to gain enough insights about lab grown diamonds vs real  diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds

  • Lab-created diamonds take a matter of weeks to grow
  • It is made from the carbon atoms structures and mass-produced
  • It is accessible in a wide range of shapes and carat weight
  • It comes with a lower price with no resale value

Natural diamonds 

  • Natural diamonds are usually formed under the earth’s crust over hundreds of billions of years.
  • It is constructed of carbon atoms structures and one-of-a-kind.
  • It is also accessible in different carat weights and shapes
  • It is quite expensive but comes with 50% of the resale value

Both lab-created and natural diamonds are very desirable for engagement rings. You can purchase anything you want as per your likings and budget.

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How to find the lab-created and natural diamonds

It is extremely hard to find and distinguish between natural and lab-grown diamonds without accessing the specialized equipment. Even if you have years of experience as a gemologist, you need certain equipment to differentiate both forms of diamonds. Checking the grading report is the best way to distinguish between natural and lab-created diamonds.

Professional gemologists access the magnification to examine the inclusion nature when determining whether the diamond is lab-grown or mined. The inclusions in the natural diamond will look slightly different than the lab-grown diamond. In some cases, how the diamond reflects in the light makes a huge difference between lab and real diamonds. Anyways, it is hard to differentiate the natural and lab-created diamonds.

Benefits of buying natural and lab diamonds 

For natural diamonds:

  • The value of the diamond increases over time with inflation.
  • Have been traded and purchased for several years, and thus, prices are more stable
  • Buying the larger and rarest natural diamonds is a great investment.

For lab diamonds 

  • Man-made diamonds are created with the advanced technological processes in the controlled lab environments
  • It is the cost-effective alternative to the natural counterpart
  • Lab-grown diamonds have less impact on the environment

Bottom lines

Now, you are well aware of the lab diamonds vs real diamonds. It is very useful when you decide to purchase the diamond and spend your money properly. So, you will get more “WOW” for your money.


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