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Hydrogen water is simply water containing hydrogen molecules. These hydrogen molecules could be considered antioxidants. Manufacturers claim that adding hydrogen to water reduces the damage caused by oxygen-free radicals. This is important for diseases, inflammation, and aging. Are you skeptical? You are on the right path. Keep reading to discover more about hydrogen water science.

Is It Good Science?

We will highlight various study flaws as we discuss studies in this post.

We should first ask whether there’s any science behind hydrogen water.

Most of all, the answer is yes. This was evident when we examined methodological flaws. Scientific inconsistencies. Author credentials. Financial incentives. This combination is the recipe for bad science.

Certain research findings about hydrogen water were never replicated. Some studies were funded either by the hydrogen water industry or by the same group of people from Japan with a conflict of interest.

Clinical trials on hydrogen waters did not include a group of people drinking regular water. Drinking enough water could lead to any health benefits.

Despite not having such serious flaws, most trials had a small sample. A study involving 10 to 20 people can’t be relied upon for reliable results.

Some Exceptions Are Notable

A few independent studies have been published. We expect to see many more in the future. These would allow us to evaluate the safety and efficacy of hydrogen water in humans.

Hydrogen Chemistry

Hydrogen, also known as H2, is the most common molecule in the universe. It is an inert, colorless, flavorless, and odorless molecule.

Hydrogen, the smallest known gas molecule, is also the most abundant. This unique property led to researchers speculating that hydrogen could penetrate cells and organs within the body, including the skull. Although it’s said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy properties, there have not been any clinical trials that prove this claim.

Hydrogen Water Purported Health Benefits

Insufficient Evidence for

High-quality clinical trials do not support the following claims.

Be sure to talk with your doctor before drinking large quantities of hydrogen water. Hydrogen water should not be substituted for any approved medical treatment.

Antioxidant, Brain-Protective Effects

Scientists first looked into the effects of H 2 on cell culture. One study on rats indicated that inhaled hydrocarbon could reach the brain. But, the effects of hydrogen water in humans on antioxidant status and brain health are not yet known.

How Should I Consume Alkaline Water Per Day?

The alkaline water machine trend in bottled water is hot right now. Celebrities, as well as health gurus, are touting the benefits to tap water and filtered. It isn’t just a health craze. Over time, it can detoxify your system and aid with acid reflux.

For regular water drinkers. It is widely known that a water intake of at least eight glasses a day can help you feel hydrated and better your health.

Congratulations to anyone who has reached the daily limit. It is easy to swap alkaline for filtered or tap water. For the best results, we recommend drinking 8-12 glasses (or 2-3 liters) of alkaline daily. It’s not a good idea to change quickly. Mix up your alkaline and regular water slowly as your body adjusts to the changes.

For those looking to increase their water intake. If you still need to drink two to three liters of fluid daily, it is a good idea to slow down. It’s a good idea to start with three to four glasses and increase the amount over time.


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