The total turnover of the 2021 China International Trade Fair Patent Technology Achievements Auction will be 17.38 million yuan

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Dayang News “The starting price of this bid was 5.7 million, No. 16, 5.74 million, No. 52, 6.04 million… No. 17, 6.1 million, sold!” December 10, 2021 with the theme of “Enabling Double Cycles and Boosting New Development” China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Fair (hereinafter referred to as CITIC Fair) opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex. In the morning of the same morning, at the auction of patented technology achievements of the China International Trade Fair, many bidders launched fierce bidding around a series of patent achievements. 3 patent packages and 14 patents successfully realized scientific research in the bidding of plaques and the sound of auction hammers. The conversion of the results, the highest transaction price reached 6.68 million yuan, and the total transaction volume was 17.38 million yuan.

The quantity, quality, and speed of the transformation of patented technological achievements have become the key to the improvement of the comprehensive strength of countries in the era of knowledge economy. How to create a new model for the transformation of technological patent achievements, promote the connection of outstanding technological achievements with market finance, and realize the maximum value of intellectual property innovation achievements? This auction of patented technological achievements aims to build a precise communication platform for enterprises and scientific research institutions, to promote the transformation of a batch of untransformed scientific research project results of universities and enterprises into actual productivity, and to continuously improve the quantity and quality of scientific and technological achievements transformation.

It is reported that 3 patent packages and 14 patents were selected from nearly a thousand patent achievements in this year’s CIIF Patent Technology Achievement Auction. The “win-win” connection between patent achievements and enterprises was realized in the form of on-site public auction, covering modern Key industries such as agriculture, biomedicine, and smart manufacturing.

“Patent package 1 contains 5 patents. The patent package claims a wide range of protection, and it can establish a green ecological system from seeding, fertilization, to straw recycling, and has high application value.” The on-site auctioneer introduced. After multiple rounds of fierce bidding, patent package 1 was finally successfully auctioned for 6.1 million, while patent package 2 and patent package 3 were auctioned away by bidders for 4.6 million and 6.68 million respectively.

Lan Weining, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration, introduced that the CIIF has played an irreplaceable role in promoting the in-depth integration of talents, technology industry and finance after 5 years. It has released more than 10,000 innovative and entrepreneurial achievements. It has facilitated the implementation of more than 700 projects, and the amount of conversion has reached more than 50 billion yuan. It has become an important platform for promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, promoting scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, and helping regional economic transformation and upgrading.

“From January to October this year, Guangdong Province has granted 78,000 inventions, and effective invention patents reached 418,000, which is also a significant increase year-on-year, accounting for 15.7% of the country’s total.” Lan Weining introduced, Chuang Fair Highlight the hub effect of Guangzhou’s collaborative innovation, accelerate the agglomeration effect of scientific and technological elements, and accelerate the transformation of patented technology achievements transactions.

Lan Weining said that through the public auction of patent achievement auctions, the economic value, social value, and cultural value of scientific and technological achievements can be excavated by market-oriented means, and further activate the market vitality of innovative elements such as technology, talents, and capital. Let more high-quality scientific and technological achievements move from “book shelf” to “shelf”, from “laboratory” to “production line”, and promote high-quality economic development.

Patent package introduction:

What about the corn and rice straw after the autumn harvest? The technology of patent package 1 can be used to promote the comprehensive utilization of straw, so that the humble straw “turns waste into treasure”, realizes the energy utilization of straw, and opens a new model of green agricultural recycling development. Patent package 1 is a patented technical achievement in modern agriculture, including environmentally friendly and efficient treatment devices and methods for agricultural machinery straws, agricultural lifting devices using the principle of electromagnetic pole change, stall self-locking components of agricultural planters, automatic adjustment devices for the cutting volume of agricultural planters, and pass control Crop fertilization equipment that adjusts the output of the opening and closing frequency, and a method for converting crop stalks into gaseous fuel.

Fruits are not only edible, but can also be used for beauty. Guangdong is the main producing area of ??longan in my country. How to better strengthen the deep processing of longan and improve the economic benefits of longan? The longan core polyphenol purification method in Patent Package 2 and its application in the preparation of polyphenol whitening cosmetics provide technical support for deep processing. The polyphenols extracted and purified from longan cores have good water solubility and can be used in compound cosmetics; longan core polyphenols are used to formulate whitening cosmetics with multiple functions. In addition, Patent Package 2 also contains a desensitization cosmetic composition and a desensitization method solid microemulsion and its preparation method and application.

In recent years, the domestic beauty industry has developed rapidly. On the one hand, the domestic beauty industry is facing international brands in the mid-to-high-end market, and on the other hand, it is the competition of local brands in the domestic mid- and low-end markets. To improve the competitiveness of domestic cosmetics companies, it is necessary to continuously promote the development of intelligent cosmetic manufacturing. Patent package 3 belongs to the field of cosmetics intelligent manufacturing, involving a skin care product and multiple automated processing equipment. Using this patent package technology can build an automated production system for cosmetics cleaning-filling-capping-packaging, which can reduce production costs and improve Productivity.


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