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A Safety Playground is a must-have for any child’s daycare. Children spend a considerable amount of time in the playground, so it is important to provide a safe place for them to play. Providing a safe play environment for your children is an ongoing process. It is your job to protect them from harm by practicing sound 안전놀이터 practices and to set an example for other children. One of the most important parts of providing a safe environment is to inspect the playground daily for any potential safety hazards.

Quality equipment

When choosing the right playground equipment, safety should be a top priority. Playground equipment must be durable and sturdy to keep kids safe. The best way to get durable playground equipment is to buy it from a reputable manufacturer. Top-notch manufacturers stand behind their products and provide warranties. If a manufacturer does not offer warranties, do not purchase it. Also, look for age-appropriate labels on playground equipment. If children are still in the play area, check that there is enough space between pieces of equipment.

Safe playground design

To make sure your child’s playground is safe, you need to take the time to consider various design elements. One of the most important components is the presence of sidewalks. Sidewalks prevent kids from tripping over-slick floor surfaces and keep them steady as they learn to walk. When creating a playground, you should follow guidelines to make sure that the sidewalks are a reasonable length. A good rule of thumb is that the sidewalk should be at least two feet wide so that a child can safely jump over it.


A 안전놀이터should be well-spaced apart and free of overcrowding. The play equipment should be at least six feet apart, but more space is better. During playtime, children should climb and cross each piece of equipment one at a time. In addition, the playground should be free of broken equipment, cracks in sidewalks, and spring riding animals. Similarly, swing chains should be free of loose threads.


One of the most important features of a playground is the presence of guardrails. Guardrails are used to prevent children from falling through openings on the playground equipment. Falls are one of the most common playground injuries. The height of the guardrails should be appropriate for the age of children who will be using the playground. For preschool-age children, a guardrail is required above platforms up to 20 inches. In addition, a playground should have enough space between elevated play platforms to accommodate a guardrail.

Proper openings

When designing a playground, make sure the equipment has sufficient clearances to prevent the entrapment of small children’s heads. This can lead to strangulation or even death if they fall through a small opening. Children should also be kept away from “S” hooks, sharp points, and protruding bolt ends. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you build playgrounds with proper spacing and openings to avoid injuries.

Reporting hazards

If you notice any hazards in a safety playground, the first step is to report them to the responsible organization. This organization may be a school, park authority, or city council. The organization may then take appropriate action to address the problem. The information you provide to the proper authority will be used to make improvements to the playground. This information is invaluable in helping the organization improve the safety of children playing there. But it is not enough to simply report the hazards. There are many other things you can do to keep your playground safe.


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