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If you are a fan of RHOA, you will want to know more about Simon Guobadia. Born in Nigeria, he now lives in Georgia. He is 56 years old. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. He attended the University of the District of Columbia, and graduated with a BBA in business administration. Simon Guobadia net worth is good, and has four brothers and a sister.

Born to a middle-class family in Benin, Nigeria, Simon Guobadia has a lot of successful side businesses and investments. He has several residential properties and a private plane. He also owns several luxurious boats and swanky cars. Although he has a wealthy life, he is a generous man and has donated his wealth to various charities. Learn more about Simon in his biography below.

During his early career, he worked as a tax manager for Deloitte. In December 2006, he left Deloitte to start his own company. His business acumen allowed him to build up his own companies, and he established the SIMCOL Group, a holding company with various legal entities in Energy, Logistics, and Multimedia. While working for SIMCOL, he also became the CEO of KLC Petroleum Transport.

Before starting his own company, Simon Guobadia was an employee of Deloitte. In 2007, he founded the SIMCOL Group of Firm. Later, he became the CEO of SIMCOL Petroleum. He also worked for KLC Petroleum. After COVID-19 hit Nigeria, he became a government producer for movies. However, the oil crisis forced him to close his restaurant, and he had to file for bankruptcy.

Simon Guobadia career

Apart from being a successful businessman, Simon Guobadia is also a social media influencer and an automobile collector. His wife, Falynn, a popular reality tv star from the season thirteen of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, is a successful film producer. She is the CEO of the Simcol Petroleum Limited Company. In addition to being a businesswoman, Simon is also a philanthropist and an investor.

His previous marriage led to the birth of four children. He married Falynn Guobadia in 2021. The couple has two older sons, Simon and Nicole, and a daughter. The children are both very intelligent and talented. Despite his successful career, the couple’s marriage did not last long. He is also a philanthropist and a social worker. If you want to learn more about the famous social media personality, you can find his biography here.

In addition to his business, Guobadia has a successful personal life. He was a student at the University of the District of Columbia and earned his Master’s in Accounting. Guobadia is a successful businessman and belongs to the Christian religion. He has two sisters. One of them passed away, but her death left her with a lot of opportunities. At age 24, he married his longtime girlfriend, Falynn, and they are now raising their sons.

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Besides being a businessman, Simon Guobadia is also a social media personality and a social worker. He is married to Falynn English, a college professor at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Their children are Quentin, a Harvard graduate, and Nicole, a graduate of the University of Washington. There are also many charitable organizations in his life. He is also a member of many charities, including the American Red Cross.

In addition to being a successful businessman, Simon Guobadia has also earned extra income from side jobs and investments. He owns numerous residential properties, a private plane, and a number of swanky cars. Guobadia is a Christian and belongs to the mixed ethnicity. He is a married man with three kids. His wife Falynn Pina has five children from his earlier marriage.


As a businessman, Simon Guobadia is a successful businessman. He owns SIMCOL Group and KLC Petroleum Transport. He is married to Falynn Guobadia, a former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star. His net worth is estimated to be $40 million. You can read more about Simon Guobadia by reading his biography. If you love to travel, you will enjoy his swanky home, lavish lifestyle, and countless other fun stuff!


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