The Best Medical Billing Services For Healthcare Organizations

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Healthcare managers and hospitals face many difficulties when it comes time to settle insurance payments. While patients’ health is the most important thing, many other factors play an important role in healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities that are unable to track and turn a profit will not be able to properly care for their patients for very long.

Baruch Business Solutions offers medical billing services to hospitals and healthcare managers that help them make the most of their billing resources. Our medical billing services can be used to expedite, submit, and follow-up on your employees’ health insurance claims. This blog is for health care providers who struggle to manage their medical billing.

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services
The Best Medical Billing Services For Healthcare Organizations

So what are the benefits of outsourcing medical billing services to Medcare MSO?

What are the processes we use to provide medical billing services?

Patients appointment:

Scheduling appointments for patients is an important step in any healthcare organization. Medcare MSO offers hassle-free services that will ensure your patient’s maximum comfort and satisfaction. Our medical billing team connects patients to the appropriate physician, therapist or nurse and provides seamless support. This helps to reduce the burden of coordination with patients.

Medical Coding

Our specialists strive to deliver high-quality medical code services to your healthcare organization. Medcare MSO medical billing services professionals have extensive expertise in both the latest and traditional coding guidelines. This allows them to reduce operational costs. Our coding auditors, coders, and coders have AAPC certification in all applicable standards, including COC, CIC and CPC, CPC–P, CPC–O and CPC–H.

Insurance Claims

The pre-screening process for our insurance covers determining whether an individual is eligible for coverage and benefits. We collect the complete medical records of all patients. This includes vital information like a summary of diagnosis and current updates from visits with doctors. This allows for faster claims payments. We are experts in Electronic EDI/EFT enrollments for all insurances. 

This allows for smoother cash flow to your bank account directly, higher reimbursement rates, reduced staffing, and time savings due to the elimination of delays. We guarantee that all accounts-related payments and insurance claims are processed electronically to your bank account. All payments are made manually promptly, so there is no risk of revenue loss. Your business will be in good hands because we are fully accountable for it according to HIPAA guidelines.

Payment posting

We handle all accounting related activities and manage your revenue. Our experience in ERA enrollments for all insurances allows us to post payments electronically and manually faster. Our expertise and experience in the healthcare outsourcing industry will help you grow your business and make maximum profits from what you have invested.


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