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A very rational and beneficial groups of applications is those that are Android applications for news. It is logical to have one or two of these apps free installed on your smartphone so that you can access the information that you desire at any time. In general, the top news outlets offer their apps at no cost, which makes these apps for free news an even greater no-brainer. The only major choice to decide the one(s) should you download. Another thing to be thinking about is whether you’d prefer an app that is local to you. They are nearly all free for download However they’re not all equal. apps can vary greatly and it’s an issue of market by market. The larger the market, the better their Android news apps will be and this type of thinking generally holds.

In determining which of the numerous available Android news apps you can download, the best way to find out is to find out more about these apps. Here’s a little background details about the 10 most popular Android applications for news: https://timeplanetnews.com/2022/07/29/unblocked-games-911-gaming-fun-destination-on-the-internet/

FOX News

Like the channel on TV and its programming, this no-cost Android application tends to present its news from a more conservative perspective and the spectrum. FOX News provides users with the most recent news and updates from the folks who run FOX News Network. FOX News Network. You are in control of the number of feeds as well as the types of news you get!

Tech Buzz Widget

Are you interested in the latest information technological developments, including all the news related to Android OS, gaming Android OS, gaming, and mobile devices? If yes, then this free Android apps for news is perfect for you.


Another app that provides updates on the mobile technology specific. It is more targeted to provide information, news and rumors regarding the latest news about Android OS and the Android Market.

Pulse News Reader

The Android news app is intended to encourage you to utilize your Android phone more often for collecting news information. Its aim is to make the reading of your preferred news sources more enjoyable and faster. It takes your top news sources and segregates and arranges them into a totally different appearance that is easier to read and browse. It’s an excellent application to use.

NYTimes on Android phones

This is one of those applications that don’t require to be mentioned about. This is one of the top reliable and well-known news sources in the world. You can now get the well-known NY TIMES articles without paying for the newspaper!

AP Mobile

This is among the most popular Free Android news apps that are used by many thousand of customers. AP Mobile gives you exclusive access to all Associated Press news feeds – the same source that supplies updates to every news outlet across the globe.

BBC News

The app offers the most recent news from one of the most reliable news sources in the world. It’s small and simple and you’ll not miss an important global news event ever again thanks to BBC News on your Android phone. https://timeplanetnews.com/2022/08/15/best-airfood-recipe-and-how-to-make-it/

Express News

One of the most valuable Free Android news apps available, Express News gives you immediate access to more than 300 news outlets across the globe. The list includes everything from the AFP or Associated Press to more localized sources such as The Canadian Press. The list goes on, and is perfect for those who get news from many sources.


Official USA Today app is definitely one of the top gratis Android news apps on the market. Find the latest information (current news as well as weather, sports society, and much many more) coming from one of America’s top circulated papers within the United States.

NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS)

The free Android application is an RSS/Atom newsreader which is able to sync the most recent news articles and feeds. It automatically syncs using Google Reader and allows for partial feeds if you prefer to read content offline. Easily described it’s one of the best RSS/Atom reader that are available.

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