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T-shirt manufacturers use many words Kanye west merch their products. The rules are not always the same. Therefore, there should be a reference manual.

Below is the official guide to T-shirts to understand the requirements of T-shirts.

Unit for measuring the sensitivity of cotton thread. A standard spool of single-ply cotton thread contains 840 yards of cotton. If you take 20 spools per pound of weight, the yarn in the spools is called 20s cotton or 20/1. If the thread of 30 rolls weighs 1 pound, then the thread of those spools is called 30 or 30/1 cotton yarn. Whether 40 or 40/1 cotton, more numbers means more subtle. The yarn makes the fabric softer and more beautiful. T-shirts from the 30’s and 40’s are softer, prettier and drape better than the 20’s. The word is used in different ways, but it is a number that is “20” and “20/1” and “20 units.” Similarly, a strand can be twisted into a thick strand, if two strands of 20/1 are twisted together, it is called 20/2. 

Although rayon is an artificial man-made material, most experts agree that rayon is biodegradable. Bamboo fabric is soft and drapes well.

A fast growing plant, classified as a grass, bamboo is processed into rayon to make rayon garments.

Bleach Wash: The process of using bleach to soften and brighten laundry.

Scalloped neck: A very wide neck line running along the collarbone to the point of the shoulder. Pull a wide neck from the initial sailor’s shirt. This allows for quick removal if the sailor falls into the water.

Boy Beater: Women’s fashion wife responds to Beater. Women’s tank tops can be of any color.

Cotton brush: A method used to soften and remove excess fiber from cotton. Cotton wool usually has a very soft and smooth finish.

Burn-out: A process used to “burn” parts of a fabric using sulfuric acid or another strong acid. Usually use a polyester / cotton blend. This process gives very clean and healthy results.

Sleeves: Women’s clothing is usually referred to as short sleeves.

Carbon dioxide: CO2, a chemical compound with two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom, known as carbon dioxide. “Greenhouse gas” because it is related to global warming. Many t-shirt manufacturers are measuring and recording the carbon footprint of their t-shirt production.

Carbon Trust: An independent organisation Lucky me I see ghosts hoodie set up in the United Kingdom in 2001 to manage carbon emissions Carbon Trust works with companies to manage carbon emissions There are companies and products that are certified to help reduce carbon footprint and now have a “low-carbon” or “no-carbon” footprint. “Low carbon footprint”


The fiber cleaning process removes microfiber and removes dirt and foreign matter. Cards can be made manually or on a large machine using a drum roller. A cotton comb with rope alone is undesirable as a cotton bud.

Today, modern t-shirts have reduced global retail sales in the clothing and fashion industry. The birth of more than 2 2 billion worth of T-shirts was an unlikely but very unusual event. But this humble dress is ready to transform the culture and fashion for the next generation. In the end, the T-shirt can serve as a political tool of protest and a symbol of revolution and change in certain places over time.

In the beginning, 

T-shirts were a little more than. 

And it is very effective. The Union Dress (commonly known as John Pants) was worn in America and Europe in the late 19th and early 19th centuries. It is popular in the same model and class. This decently woven piece covers the whole body from the neck to the wrists and ankles. Material-resistant design with shockproof pads on the back for ease of use in older homes.


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