Symptoms And Risks Of Alcohol Addiction

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While most of us have heard about the 12 traditions of AA, very few of us are fully aware of what they entail and their purpose in such meetings. 

These are vital guiding principles that help ex-alcoholics to realize the power alcohol has on them and learn how to steer clear of drinking and enjoy the full potential of life.

Understanding the Symptoms

Alcohol addiction can be called a disease that affects not just the drinker but their family and friends too. 

This addiction can range from mild to severe. Some of the signs that indicate you have a drinking problem are:

  • You find yourself unable to control the quantity of alcohol you consume.
  • You want to reduce your intake but fail miserably to do so.
  • You keep craving alcohol almost all the time.
  • You spend a lot of time drinking and then recovering from it.
  • You keep drinking even when you are fully aware of its negative effects on your life.
  • You find yourself isolated from social interactions.
  • You keep drinking more and more to get the same effects. 
  • You undergo withdrawal symptoms even you either don’t drink or drink lesser than you usually do.

If you feel you are experiencing a few or all of these, you must check out “AA meetings near me and try to embrace the support and encouragement you get there. It will truly change your life for the better.

Understanding your problem

Sometimes what happens is that you may drink excessively and still don’t realize that you have a problem. However, if your family has been insisting that you see a doctor, do pay heed to their implorations and see one. If you are feeling wary, you can always try out other ways, such as going to an AA meeting or any other self-help group.

If a loved one is drinking far too much far too often, you must intervene and ensure that they get help. After all, alcoholism affects everyone around the addicted person too.

Who’s at risk

Most alcohol addicts usually begin drinking in their teens and become completely hooked by the time they are in their mid-20s or early-30s.

You are at risk of becoming an alcohol addict if:

    1. You drink steadily on a regular basis.

    2. You started drinking from an early age.

    3. You have a family history of alcohol abuse.

    4. You are facing mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

  • You have faced or are still going through emotional trauma.

  • You are usually in the company of people who either drink regularly or have glamorized the concept of drinking.

If you have realized that you indeed are undergoing addiction issues, it is better to attend a few AA meetings in South Dakota

You will be glad to know that these meetings follow several different formats and you can be sure of finding one that meets your particular needs and preferences.



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