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How would you conceive social life in the future? Can you imagine living an alternate life in the virtual world? Now, Web 3.0 is coming near and the whole globe is undergoing the process of digital transformation. Human society is about to step into a new stage and then aspects of our social life will be transformed in a way we have never conceived before. No matter whether we are ready for it or not, changes are about to happen. The recent fever for Soul metaverse in the young groups may offer us a glimpse.

The charm of Soul metaverse: Young people are feverish about it

Soul metaverse is a virtual social networking platform that grows in Soul App. Soul founder Zhang Lu once shared her idea of developing Soul App, “we created a social playground for the young generation and we want to smash the bias towards them.” Soul App was elected by its users to be the social networking platform that truly understands their voices and addresses their social needs.

Soul metaverse is a social playground designed for young people. In this virtual space, young people can freely build authentic connections through gamified interactions. They are dressed in personalized 3D avatars so that they no longer have to worry about being judged by appearances. What’s more, they are guaranteed a realm where they can express their true personalities.

In Soul metaverse, the voices of the young people are heard. They no longer have to face preconceptions because they are surrounded by like-minded individuals. They can also enjoy social connections in unstressed ways. That explains why the young generation pins their aspiration for colorful social life on Soul App. 

Virtual identity: People represent themselves as avatars in Soul metaverse

Living in a virtual metaverse is distinct from living in reality in that we no longer have substantial existences. Our flesh is replaced by digital data. Our voices are converted to electronic signals. So here comes the challenge. How do we represent ourselves? How can we get an identity?

In Soul metaverse, users represent themselves as personalized avatars and they establish their virtual identities on it. An avatar is a virtual version of the real self. It is regarded as the passport to enter the metaverse. With personalized avatars, users could dive into various activities in this virtual social wonderland. For instance, they can exchange video calls through Soul Cam without revealing their real appearances. It is also based on these avatars that users explore their virtual identities.

Soul App also provides the basic tools and techniques that make it possible for everyone to design their avatars. Users can also customize their avatars and display their personalities through them. Previous generations of avatars are 2D graphs. Zhang Lu and her team recently launched its NAWA engine, an AI-based 3D rendering engine that could generate 3D avatars based on real-person facial features. This new engine is expected to create a more immersive experience for users of the Soul App.

A life beyond imagination: Soul metaverse brings changes to social life

At this moment, no one can answer for sure what the metaverse will be and what exact changes it will bring to human life. But there is one thing for certain. We will live in a more interconnected society where reality interweaves with the virtual worlds. The metaverse will transform the way we live in both reality and virtual society. 

The metaverse will become an inclusive and immense virtual land that can expand beyond the boundary of the real world. In this virtual world, it is true that we can take the world at a glance. We have already seen some of the most well-known metaverse gaming platforms like Fortnite holding a virtual concert for superstar musicians. In Soul metaverse, users can also showcase their talents to other people.

Most importantly, Soul metaverse is a social networking platform that unlocks the potential of social life. Users can transfer relationships in real life to virtual scenarios and gain the same authentic emotional resonance. They can also enjoy unique social experiences brought by Soul app. For instance, individuals rely on real-life social circles in developing new relations. In this virtual social networking platform, the AI would take charge of everything and connect two souls with compatible personalities.

Nowadays, more than 9.3 million young people immerse themselves in the Soul metaverse every day and they experience a unique social experience here. It is estimated that more than 59% of its users are highly active for at least 15 days per month. Soul App is the epitome of the development of the social metaverse. Whether we are ready for it or not, the virtual world that was once depicted in science fiction is about to become a reality in the next few decades. To join or to quit? It is time to make choices.


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