Scope of BCA distance course,in various sectors in this technological and information technology world

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The distance BCA course has wider scope in India and is increasing day by day.   Now with IT hubs it has developed in various cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune. It is on its peak these days and BCA graduates can choose such profiles.

  • System
  • Programmer
  • Backend Developer
  • Web developer
  • Software Developer
  • System administrator

There are many MNC’s on which there is a dire demand of BCA graduates. It includes TCS, HCL, Wipro,  Infosys, Microsoft, Cisco,  Cognizant etc. Initially a BCA graduate can take rs 25000/- to  40000/ salary approx.  With the ever-growing IT  Sector in India,you can grow in the future.  You can also apply for the government sector after BCA.  The government releases various vacancies every year for BCA’s.   It includes.


  • Indian Air force
  • Indian Navy
  • Banks

The  Higher studies options are also there for BCA graduates. You can go for the below-mentioned degrees further.

Importance of  BCA  Distance learning

 Today in this competitive world, As we can see all around us, concomitant to the huge and accelerated growth of the internet, there is dire demand for BCA’s in this economic world. The digital media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Now come up with strong connections and proved that as one of the new communication channels.  Now with these channels, it enables personal interaction in a big way. So it is confirmed that computer and mobile applications, especially in recent years, have had a diversity of growth in many sectors.

So, these sectors have played an active role in digital evolution. computer technology growing day by day. It is the language of computers and the digital world and all these applications like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc are examples of it.

Hence it has been made possible largely due to coding and programming, and various computer languages. so, one of the best ways of learning this language is by enrolling yourself in BCA distance learning. with LPU the students are taught about the coding language in detail. Thus, students also get full-fledged knowledge about communication, organization and management. Those who opt for this course get to learn skills and information about computers and information technology as well in detail.

The leading career opportunities available for a BCA graduate are below mentioned.

  • software programmer
  • system administrator
  • network administrator
  • web designer

The range of options in Information Technology are also immense and students get a vast knowledge. Some of these are creative while others are highly technical. Therefore, you should definitely opt for BCA because this course if you are really interested in the field of coding and programming. It covers more technical topics. In order to improve students’ knowledge, the syllabus of BCA consists of a large number of programming languages.

So, it has a vast career ahead and makes you capable of achieving the best job in various kinds of organizations.


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