Rich achievements in mass technological innovation in our city

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(Xu Xiaonan, reporter from Wu Qingguo Dalian News Media Group) In order to thoroughly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, focus on the transformation and upgrading of the “old brand”, the in-depth development of the “original brand”, the cultivation and expansion of the “new brand” and the “three major articles”, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions united the city The department organized a large number of employees to carry out a series of mass technological innovation activities such as technological innovation, technological invention, technological creation, etc. The field of innovation continued to expand and the innovation results became increasingly significant, showing a strong momentum of vigorous development. On December 9, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology held a meeting to summarize the city’s mass economic and technological innovation activities in 2020, reward outstanding innovation achievements, and commend winning technical experts. Xu Guangxiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, attended and delivered a speech.

The meeting mobilized the city’s trade unions at all levels to improve their political positions, centered on the center and served the overall situation, grasped the core of the reform of industrial worker team building, continuously strengthened the top-level design, implemented fund guarantees, strengthened incentives and guidance, and paid close attention to mass technological innovation activities. .

The innovative achievements awarded this time are high in science and technology. Many of them are domestic firsts or have reached the domestic leading level. They have solved many “stuck neck” problems and created economic benefits of 1.662 billion yuan. A total of 209 outstanding innovation achievements were awarded, 30 “trick, stunt, unique skills” and advanced operation methods, 460 rationalization suggestions, 32 national patent projects in 2020, and 10 skilled workers were awarded the title of “Dalian Technical Innovation Expert”.


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