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Is Rectangle Pro the Best Window Management App For Mac?

What is Rectangle Mac, and why is it the best window management app for Mac? Is there a similar app available for Windows? What are its key features? And can other applications compare to Rectangle Pro? Read on to find out. We’ll also look at what other users say about the app. So, is Rectangle worth checking out? And is Rectangle Pro worth the price?

What is Rectangle Mac?

rectangle mac

What is Rectangle Mac OS app? It is an open-source window manager that lets you customize how your windows are laid out on your screen. You can also assign keys to specific windows and rearrange your window layouts as you see fit. Rectangle also syncs with iCloud so that you can use your preferences across machines. This free app has various advantages but is an excellent choice to maximize your productivity.

The Rectangle Mac app is available as a DMG file in the Applications folder. Double-click on the DMG file to install it and select “Install.” It will appear as a shortcut in your Applications folder. If you don’t want Rectangle, you can uninstall it by clicking the “Eject” arrow in the application window. For further instructions, see Rectangle’s website.

Why is Rectangle the best window management tool?

If you are looking for a window manager that offers great functionalities and easy usage, Rectangle is the program for you. You can adjust the size of the windows by clicking on the desired option in the menu bar or using custom keyboard shortcuts to resize, move, and resize windows. Rectangle is free and offers a trial period of up to 10 days. To test its capabilities, download the trial version and try it out.

The Rectangle toolbar icon gives you quick access to many features, including snapping windows into thirds. The window will appear in a dark box in a third position. A similar feature is available with Magnet. Once you’ve mastered Rectangle, you can use the program for more complex tasks. You can add new features in the future with this open-source window manager.

Are there any similar apps for Rectangle pro

If you’re a fan of Windows desktop applications, you may wonder if there are similar applications for Mac. Rectangle is an open-source application which mimics the Windows mouse, allowing you to move windows under your cursor and snap them to the sides of your screen. Another feature that makes Rectangle an excellent option for Mac users is the ability to modify keyboard shortcuts. If you’re a Mac user, you may want to try out the free trial version. If you’re not completely satisfied with the demo version, you can remove it after ten days.

If you’re having trouble removing Rectangle, you can always try deleting the application‘s contents from the Library folder. You can also use a built-in uninstaller to remove the app. But remember that these are often cumbersome and leave important pieces behind. You can use an automatic uninstaller if you’re not too bothered by this inconvenience.

Key features of Rectangle Mac

The Rectangle Mac OS app is a handy tool for tidying up your screen. This app allows you to assign specific key combinations to clear windows, snap applications to the edge of the screen, and customize layouts. It syncs with iCloud, allowing you to share your settings across multiple machines. The free version will enable you to test out Rectangle for ten days without paying a dime.

The free version of the Rectangle Mac OS app comes with a DMG file for installation. Double-clicking the application icon will open it. To remove the app, choose “Eject” from the application window and follow the uninstall instructions in the download package. However, the paid version of the app has many additional features. Besides, it works even without a semi-transparent target. In addition, it’s compatible with the most popular macOS operating systems.

The DMG file with the Rectangle Mac app will be available in the Applications folder. Double-clicking the DMG file will install the application on your Mac. Once installed, you can use Rectangle as a trial version for ten days. If you like the application, you can upgrade to the Pro version, which costs $9.99. The trial version will remain on your Mac for ten days and can be uninstalled by clicking on the “Eject” arrow in the shortcut menu.

User ratings of rectangle mac os app

Users have rated the Rectangle Mac OS app positively, but what makes it different from other apps of this type? Is it easy to use? What kind of functionality does it have? How user-friendly is it? Here are some things you should know about this app. It offers easy window arranging. You can also rearrange the windows by clicking on the window set in the menu bar or using custom keyboard shortcuts. The latter method is more effective but requires a certain amount of memorization. The Rectangle application also allows you to change the default shortcuts for your windows.

The Rectangle Mac app is easy to use and comes with customizable keyboard shortcuts. The application also supports 16 window sizes and can be customized using keyboard shortcuts. The user can customize the appearance and size of windows using various options, including changing the background and font. You can download a free trial version and decide whether it meets your needs. It’s available for download on the App Store and the developer’s website.

supported mac os versions

The Rectangle mac OS app is a window manager application for Mac that has advanced features and supports mouse pad gestures. It can be downloaded free from the App Store or the developer’s website. Once downloaded, the app runs as a shortcut in the Applications folder. Afterward, you can easily uninstall it by selecting “Eject” from the shortcut menu. The free trial version lasts for ten days. You can purchase a paid version to continue using the app after this time.

To uninstall Rectangle, remove its application’s support files, caches and preferences from the Library folder. These files are located in the Library folder. You can also use a professional uninstaller to perform the process. This procedure is easy and will take no more than a few minutes. However, having the proper tools before completing the process is a good idea.

how to download the Rectangle app

To download Rectangle for Mac, you can find the application in the Applications folder in a DMG file. Double-click the DMG file, and you’ll see a shortcut to the application in the Applications folder. Once installed, you can uninstall the app by clicking the “Eject” arrow in the application’s window. Alternatively, you can go to the Rectangle Mac app website and follow the steps outlined there.

Alternatively, you can uninstall Rectangle for Mac manually by deleting the app’s contents from the Library folder. Alternatively, you can use the built-in uninstaller provided by the publisher, but this can be a hassle because it often leaves important app pieces behind. Automatic uninstallers are available in the App Store or can be downloaded from the developer’s website. If you are not entirely satisfied with the app, you can purchase the paid version of Rectangle.

Another great feature of Rectangle is its ability to snap windows to the edges of the screen. This means you can maximize their functionality without compromising on-screen real estate. Rectangle also syncs with iCloud so that you can access your preferences across all your computers. Download Rectangle Mac today and enjoy the many benefits! You’ll have a lot of fun using Rectangle!


If you frequently have many windows open, Rectangle is an excellent tool on your Mac. This app lets you snap windows to the edges of the screen, resize them, and hide them when you put the cursor over them. This app can sync its settings with iCloud, so you never have to remember all its shortcuts. You can download the app from the Mac App Store. The only downside is that it does not work in Safari or Internet Explorer.

The free version of Rectangle allows you to move a focused window to another desktop or the previous one. The free version also allows you to change shortcut bindings. The paid version also features an improved interface and adds more features, such as moving windows to adjacent desktops when you execute it multiple times. However, Rectangle is still a free download. Check out our full review if you have any questions about the app.


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