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Christmas is around the corner, and many have started hunting for their perfect present. From quartz to diamond-studded watches, from sports watches to watches for dresses – a plethora of Michael Kors watches are available to choose from. Moreover, these luxurious pieces will hold their value and can be handed down through generations to come. 

So, if you are into watches and looking to present yourself with a gift, then look no further. Here’s a list of stunning Michael Kors watches that every woman must have this Christmas. 

1. Parker Pavé Gold-Tone Logo Watch

One of the most preferred Michael Kors watches is the Tone Logo Watch. Those women who are into the brand and want to flaunt the Michael Kors watches must go for this watch. The diamond-studded around watch with the golden-coated metallic strap will give a classy look to every dress a woman would wear. 

2. Oversized Camille Pavé Gold-Tone and Tortoiseshell Acetate Watch

An oversized watch will compliment the sleek wrist. Nothing fits better than an oversized watch with a large dial on a royal piece of dress. Moreover, the gold coating is enough to grab the attention of the Christmas crowd. The Roman numbers on the dial add elegance to the watch and make it more suitable for a queen. 

3 . Gen 6 Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Smartwatch

Are you wondering about wearing a colorful dress to vibe around this Christmas? Do not forget to carry this one of the stylish Michael Kors watches, i.e., the Gen 6 Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Smartwatch. The vibrant dial will match any dress and will give a chic look to the attire. The dial is well-sized and will suit both thin and thick wrists very elegantly. 

4. Gen 6 Bradshaw Two-Tone Smartwatch

Many women get confused about whether they want to go for a gold or a silver-plated watch. Are you one of those? If yes, then you must go for this Michael Kors two-tone watch. It has a mix of gold and silver coatings with a multi-colored oversized dial, which will perfectly suit the outfit you are planning to wear this Christmas eve. 

5. Oversized Lennox Stripe Silver-Tone Watch

Many women do not prefer carrying watches with metallic straps. This Lennox Stripe Silver-Tone Watch will be the most suitable one for them. With an MK embellishment over the black strap and an oversized silver dial, the watch will add grace to any dress worn on the dazzling Christmas eve. The best part, this watch will complement a look that includes denim or similar fabric. 

6. Oversized Lennox Pavé Gold-Tone and Silicone Watch

Ladies consider black an evergreen color they can wear on every festive eve. To match this thought, why not wear a black watch as well? Bring home this one of the shimmery Michael Kors watches, and do not forget to flaunt it this Christmas with your partner. The gold and diamonds packed around the dial of this watch will shine even if the night is completely dark. 

7. Oversized Everest Pavé Gold-Tone and Bio-Based Plastic Watch

The women who love pure white need to have this Everest Pavé Gold-Tone and Bio-Based Plastic Watch. Showcasing the shiny white color with a pinch of gold over the dial, this MK watch will be the most suitable for dresses, like a gown or a similar outfit. 

8. Parker Pavé Gold-Tone and Logo Watch

The sexiest Michael Kors watches are the ones that possess a thin strap with an MK embellishment. Studded with tiny diamonds around the circumference of the dial, this Parker watch goes well with a casual look. On the other hand, women who like to keep it simple and look outstanding must get this watch and not forget to wear it this Christmas.

9. Mini Camille Pavé Two-Tone Watch

The opposite of the previously mentioned watch is this one. The earlier one was simple and elegant; this one is stylish and adds grace to your look. The strap of this watch has alternate golden and silver accents that give it a premium look than any other Michael Kors watch. 

10. Oversized Lennox Red-Tone Silicone Watch

Red is the color of love and Santa. Those who prefer red on Christmas dates must wear this red-tone MK watch. The dial is oversized, so be careful to style it correctly. The inside of the dial is black with white numberings, hour, and minute hand. The strap is made of silicone, giving the entire watch a matte finish look. 

To Wrap Up 

It’s time to grab your favorite Michael Kors watches and begin the countdown for this upcoming Christmas. Wear premium-quality bangles or bands with the Michael Kors watches to add style to your look. It is more important to wear it right than just selecting what to wear on a special night. Add glam and luxury to your dress by accenting it with the right Michael Kors watches. So, choose the most preferable element to create a distinctive look for your Christmas night. 

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